A/N: Hello all! My little brother is forcing me to put up his writing on my Fictionpress account, and this is the result. This story takes place in England during WWII.

Let me say something important here: this is my little brother, and I don't want him having to read anything hateful. If you have something rude to say, say it on one of my other stories. That being said, I hope you enjoy his writing!


"Mama, can I go out?" asked a young voice from the other side of the kitchen.

"OK, Jonathan, but finish your lunch first!" The quickening clinking of silverware came from where Jonathan was eating. "And eat slowly!" The clinking slowed down.

"Fine," Jonathan replied.

She heard hurried footsteps and the shutting of a door as her son ran out to the meadow, next to the house they lived in.

She was just finishing cleaning the dishes when she saw the picture of her husband again. She lifted up the frame and turned it around. On the back she kept a letter sent from her husband, who was fighting in Germany. The letter read:

"To my dearest Rosalynd," it started. "The fighting has not been going well here. The Gerries keep pushing us back whenever we make a move to advance. The winter was incredibly cold, and a few men in my unit died from hypothermia. On the bright side, me and Private LaCombe are doing fine (and just so you don't waste parchment asking, he forgives you)." 13 years earlier, Rosalynd and LaCombe were going to get married, but then she fell in love with Daniel. "Our battalion leader, Major Lockland (he's from the States) has been much more forgiving than any other I've ever known."

Rosalynd was starting to tear up. The letter had been sent April 1st, and he had been writing every other week. It was now June 3rd. "Me and LaCombe were digging a foxhole last week and uncovered something that might get me home. The weird thing is that, when we found it, LaCombe tensed up in a way I had never seen. I've got to end the letter here unfortunately. We're going to try to push through the German defenses again. With love from all my heart, Daniel."