Chapter 2 "A Kind Heart"

The rain was falling in sheets, and lightning struck the horizon. His footsteps disrupted the relative calmness of the puddles as he ran along the dark street to his house. Drenched, he entered the door and slammed it shut behind him. On the little table he had next to the door there was a note. It read: Jameson, this note is to tell you that you have exactly three more days to get the info and make the hit. If you fail… well, you know what will happen.

Jameson turned the piece of paper repeatedly, looking for more text. But what he had read was it. And in the middle of his brain, Jameson knew what would happen if he failed.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Jameson opened it and, almost as soon as he did, a small figure ran inside past him.

"Who are you?" Jameson asked the room. From behind a chair, he heard a small whimpering. "There you are!"

He walked over to the chair. As he leaned down to see what was under it, he heard a bark. The bark of a dog.

"A dog?" Jameson said to the shaggy creature in front of him. Yip! The dog inched out a little from under the chair, whimpering ever so slightly. "You hungry, boy?"

The dog whimpered again.

"Alright. I'll feed you." Jameson got up and went to the small corridor he considered a kitchen. "Let's see, what do we have?"

Jameson opened a cupboard and pulled out a can of peaches, a bar of chocolate, and some jerky.

"This should do." He took the jerky out of its wrapper and walked back to the still hiding dog. "Here you go. Eat up."

The dog sniffed the meat in a tentative manner before snatching it up in its maw a few seconds later.

"Good boy," Jameson said.

After it had finished the jerky, the dog finally came out. It was a very small dog with fur that was naturally colored sooty-white. It was missing one eye had some scratches on its pads. It had no collar on or anything connecting it to anyone. All of a sudden, it jumped into Jameson's lap and licked his face.

"Haha. I see you like me. Well, if that's so, then I have to give you a name don't I? You're name is going to be… hmm. I know! You're name is Jerky. Do you like it?"

Jerky jumped out of Jameson's lap and started wagging his tail happily.

"I knew you would."

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