And so I wonder if you'd ever really want to take me back
All the times I pointes out to you the qualities you lack
All the times I sat on top of you, rubbed lotion on your back
And every time I terrorized you with the nightmares of my past
Maybe we were good or we were bad or we had shitty timing
But I wonder in the future if you'll find a way to find me
We watched lots of movies and we drank lots of beer
We smoked lots of Mary Jane, made plans for coming years
I know when I sleep by myself these days I get all sad and lonely
And I catch myself wishing sometimes that you would telephone me
But my head's not right, 'specially at night when things are dark and cold
And my brains get 'round to wondering if I'll always be alone
I know I shouldn't let the bad thoughts and depression gain a win
But a lot of times it feels like my brain is caving in
You were always good at telling me that I would be ok

I just wish we'd both been better at not turning back away
When I ignore my problems they grow bigger by the minute
I figured that out by myself, there could be something in it
So I'm way up North hiding away and trying to be less crazy
And avoiding how I seem to miss you less and less and less daily

I was gunna marry you some day, I told myself that I'd be happy
Being your wife, your life, your partner, but then I started getting snappy
Got complacent, got quite stagnant if I'm gunna speak the truth
I got tired of the same old me, but I never tired of you
I can look back at the past year and point out when things went wrong
Or I could look on the bright side and hope that you will sing along
Maybe some day I'll be ok like you always used to say
But I know it know it goes uphill from here, and that's a really long hard way
I'll be silent, I'll be distant, I'll be away for a long time
But I hope that I can write to you and say I'm doing fine
And I hope that I don't occupy too much of your down time
I'm moving on, I'm moving up, but I still think of you
And a tiny little part of me hopes that you still do so too

Yeah, a tiny little part of me hopes that you still do so too