1The Axe Cult: Rewind, Rewrite

Robert was in shock, Dr. Pewter thought. He had unknowingly killed his son, but now he knew. Dr. Pewter had managed to draw plenty of information out of the man, but he always sunk back into himself, staring silently into the distance. Sometimes he would glance at nothing off to his right or left with a look of minor annoyance, sometimes even disgust. Curiously, he seemed to have removed himself and all others from, well from themselves. He never said you or I. It was always he, she, or their names, even when he was talking to someone.

Dr. Pewter believes he is talking that way in order to remove blame from himself, a way to extradite himself from the whole situation. Robert Crane's mental state was indeed destroyed. Dr. Pewter entered the mental hospital, he had a patient he just needed to see. He stared at Jeremy Hanes, whom was in another room. The man was rocking back and forth as he ran one hand on a piece of paper. He had coated it in red paint and was running his hand over the wet paint.

A doctor approached Dr. Pewter. Dr. Pewter turned to him, Jeremy and Robert's files side by side under his arm.

"What's his condition since I last came?" Dr. Pewter asked the man.

"He has a breakdown everyday, sometimes several times a day. He is always seething and muttering about sinners and the need for cleansing. We tried having him interact with the other patients, but he was telling them about his delusions and the voices in his head. They began to worship him and believe his rambling, some even started taking drastic action against the staff here. We had to isolate him. He has not improved one bit since you put him in here. Nothing has changed and I doubt they ever will." the man said as he turned his gaze to Jeremy.

Jeremy was in full tantrum now. The nurses had taken his paint away and he was having a breakdown. They were trying to sedate him and the man had to go in to assist. Dr. Pewter shook his head, he needed to get to the bottom of all this.

He was sitting at his desk at the station, they put him in a room right next to Robert's locked holding room, one way glass allowed him to look at Robert. Every time Dr. Pewter looked over at Robert, it was as if he was staring at him. To Robert, the point he was staring at was just a mirror, but to Dr. Pewter it was as if Robert was blaming him.

He never seemed to blink. Robert's state as well as Jeremy's only served to remind Dr. Pewter of his failure. He sat back in his chair with a sigh. He didn't want to look at Robert, he didn't want to think of Jeremy, he didn't want this job anymore. He looked down at the sheets of paper spread out on his desk. They were printed from Jeremy's live journal, which had been shut down many years ago.

All his rambling was there as well as the comments people had left. Looking at these, Dr. Pewter couldn't decide who was the sick one when he looked at the comments. Why? Some of them were egging him on, some were agreeing with him, some told him he was a genius, and other such encouraging comments, and some still worshiped openly in the comments. Hardly any disagreed with him. Why? Dr. Pewter thought.

He threw a book down on the desk. It was titled: The Axe Cult: Memoirs of a Prophet. Someone had published Jeremy's rambling into a book which led to the eruption of Peoria, Illinois and Robert Crane's breakdown. Dr. Pewter saw forward and stared at the book. This wasn't fair. Jeremy's rambling ruined Robert's life, yet no one knows about it. He gets glorified as a prophet, and Robert gets labeled a murderer. Dr. Pewter thought.

He pulled open his desk drawer and took a heavy draught from a bottle of alcohol he had there. He put the bottle away. He scooped up the book and a blank notebook and stormed into the hallway. He pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door the Robert's room. He entered the room and stood over Robert. All the racket he had made didn't even faze Robert.

"Robert, look at me." he ordered his patient.

Slowly, Robert titled hid head up so that his dead eyes rested on the doctor's face. Dr. Pewter slammed the book down onto the metal table. Robert slowly dropped his eyes to the book, unperturbed by the noise. He frowned slightly.

"The man who put the ideas of the Axe Cult into the world was a former patient of mine by the name of Jeremy Hanes. He was an extreme case of schizophrenia who thought the voice that was telling him to kill people was the voice of God. Those ideas were adopted by a sick man who wrote this book based of Jeremy's online rambling. This ruined your life. Why should Jeremy Hanes be glorified as a prophet when his mad rambling did this to your life?" Dr. Pewter shouted, Robert's lifeless demeanor angering him.

FBI agents rushed into the room. Dr. Pewter threw the notebook at Robert's chest.

"Write! It's your only haven!" Dr. Pewter shouted as he was dragged away.


A Note By: Agent Vance Kristoff

Robert Crane stood trial for several counts of murder. He was proven criminally insane and charged with life in a mental institution. Ironically, it was the same institute that Jeremy Hanes was residing. Before being transported to the hospital, he handed a notebook to the agent in charge of his case, that was myself.

I published the notebook as a book titled: The Axe Cult: Religious Terrorism. The town Axe Cult books are sold in a package deal at all bookstores. A statue was erected in the ruins of Peoria in Blake Crane and Tommy Richards' images glorifying the exposure of The Axe Cult and their efforts to destroy it.

Peoria was rebuilt a few miles down the river, the old remaining as ruins that tourists can visit. To this day suspicions and violence still run most of Peoria as the inhabitants are forced to deal with what they lived through.

A year after Robert Crane's imprisonment, he killed Jeremy Hanes. The murder attracted a lot of media attention as it was decided what to do with Crane. Robert Crane was deemed a menace to society, insane or not, and executed as a felon.

A memorial was built in the ruins of Peoria dedicated to everyone who lost their lives as a result of The Axe Cult. Robert Crane was buried next to his son and Tommy Richards and his family.

Dr. Pewter was forced to go to a rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse, but was later transferred to a mental institution after a psychotic breakdown. He is currently there. According to doctors, he is showing no improvement. Since the story hit news more Axe Cult followers have been popping up. The FBI is working with multiple local police stations in trying to stamp it out before it escalates into a "Peoria incident."

However, they are not making much headway. People are already calling The Axe Cult the worst cult of all time, worse the Marilyn Manson and Jim Jones. several newspapers are saying we should be fighting the war on terrorism in our own country. Many are asking the question: who is really the sick one?

Many are murmuring:

Trust No One.