A Bond Torn Apart


It seems like it's just yesterday, when we used to be so happy. Not until something happened, wherein it made my friend go berserk and blame me greatly for that incident.

Things happened way too fast – too fast that I didn't even have the time to register everything into my mind.

It seems like it's just yesterday, when we used to be so happy. We were chattering in our seats, laughing with each other for almost every minute. She writes her novel, I read and edit it while we're listening to her favorite songs. Afterwards, we grab scratch papers, scribble our classmates' names and play with them using 'candles and flames'. I remember the time when we played with you and your crush's name, and it resulted that you two were soul mates. We kept laughing while you nearly squealed in happiness. I remember when you asked me to give you a message. For the first time, I expressed my feelings, and I said that 'I hope we'd still be friends, and hopefully classmates until we graduate in here'. I know we usually get into friendly arguments, wherein we both make each other's tempers flare and burst into anger. But we never got angry to each other, 'cause we both know that we were just kidding. Not until something happened, wherein it made her go berserk and blame me greatly for that incident.

It happened like this – It's our free time in the class. To spend it wisely, I decided to read the novel assigned this quarter for our English subject, "To Kill A Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee. I dug up my entire bag but I didn't see the book. Maybe I forgot to bring it, I thought. So I decided to borrow hers and she allowed me to get it under her chair. I noticed a bookmark that was inserted in nearly half of the book. I took a look at it, and I recognized it. I believe she showed it to me before. It was the gift of her former best friend to her, and she treasures it very much. I placed it properly back.

While I was reading, I did not notice that the bookmark had actually slid off the book, down to the floor. It happened that one of my classmates picked it up and started playing with it without me noticing it. Then, my attention suddenly focused on the wholeness of the book. Something was missing-it was her bookmark. When I saw him holdin' it, I quickly asked for the bookmark and as he gave it to me, I saw something that made my eyes widen in shock and signaled the start of my dilemma.

The head of beads was detached from the cord.

I scolded him. For Pete's sake, it was not mine! I was responsible for it because she let me borrow her book. And look at what I just did – I let it fell off the book! Oh, curse you, carelessness!

After sometime of thinking for an explanation, I saw her coming. She sat on her seat, which is, beside me. I gulped hardly, explained everything, then showed the broken bookmark. Her eyes widened in shock-a sign that I should, well, run for my life and blame everything to my naïve classmate over there. Far than I had expected, she went so furious and began scolding and blaming me, making me realize how important it is to her. Still, I told her it was not all my fault, and the one who broke it was, HIM. Oh, I hate him, very much. Then she started mumbling things to herself, or like, blaming someone, etc. that showed her that she is obviously infuriated, much.

I tried my best not to look at her; I faced the other direction, keeping a certain distance from her. Finally, I built my confidence and apologized to her. Sadly, I got no response from her.

To spend the remaining free time, I wrote down notes on our MAPEH notebook instead of sulking and blaming myself.

The time went fast, until I found myself carrying my bag, my feet dragging me to the school's guard house. There, I only hear the whooshing of the cold, autumn wind and the falling of leaves in the nearby mahogany tree. I found silence-which led me to think about that incident, a while ago.

I don't know but, I don't want to talk to her first-I think I need to distance myself farther from her, just to give her some space. I think I, need… I need to have a break, in our friendship. It was all of a sudden, but I think its for our own sake. Though, I can't deny the fact that whenever I see her, I feel a slight pang in my chest, like my heart is being torn apart. It still hurts, that I had lost on of my closest friends. Even though that, I still have my best friends, she is still different from them. She is always there for me. She's the one I could run to when I'm in trouble.

But I lost her.

Our bond was torn apart.

Because of irresponsibility and carelessness.