She lay there in her boyfriend's arms on his bed as she thought about her life. She had cried for a good long while since being in his arms. She loved him dearly for being able to be there for her in her time of need. She knew he wasn't one to be compassionate. They've been together for almost a year and already they have drama.

She didn't want this to happen to them and their relationship, but everything bad seems to follow her. So, it could always be expected. She was sorry and upset. Wiping away the upcoming tears she buried her face into his chest as she clung, almost fearfully, to his shirt.

He held her close as he took in her scent and listened quietly to her untold apologies and the music of ICP in the background. He loved her dearly. Loved her dearly for almost three years. When they first met he knew he loved her and she him, but never officially got together until almost a year ago now.

He just continued to hold her close, stroke her hair and give her kisses. He'd give her words, but no words he spoke would make everything better. His words were harsh, inconsiderate at some points and even obnoxious. Sometimes he was better off not saying anything at all.

It was getting late when the two finally left his bedroom and each other's arms. He lead her to his skateboard that was next to his parents' truck and got on it, starting to skate. She stood next to a tree in front of the fence of his house and watched as he skateboarded, doing tricks as he once again tried a pot-shove-it. a trick he's been working on for a little while now. She watched him skateboard and do his tricks.

She's always enjoyed watching him skateboard, but tonight it was different. He had more agression in it tonight unlike the usual playfullness and fun she usually saw. They both knew why though. It's because of the fact that soon she'll have to go home and be with the parents giving her the problems that were unnecessary. Her parents that were losing her respect from her and her boyfriend, both tired of the drama.

Her parents weren't going to be happy that she was out late again and with her boyfriend nonetheless made it worse. But they don't care anymore, she didn't care anymore. Suddenly, her boyfriend came up to her, putting his skateboard to the side and held her close withhis arms around her waist and her arms around his neck. Neither was that close, both a bit far apart so they could look at each other. "This is bull..." he said as he stared at her.

She nodded, "I know, Alex. I didn't want it to happen."

"But it has and it pisses me off. It's not right! You're only fifteen!" he growled angrily as he layed his forehead on his shoulder.

She sighed and stroked his hair half-heartedly. "I know, I know. I just don't know what to do. I just want to die."

He stood straight, still holding onto his girlfriend. "Why don't you run away?"

"What's a fifteen year old supposed to do for support?! How's a fifteen year old going to live without support or schooling?!" she cried angrily, sadly.

He stayed quiet and stared at her, discontent in his eyes and her eyes were anger. Both were so frustrated and stressed that they didn't know what to do. He pulled away from her, grabbed his skateboard and took her hand in his. "C'mon. I'll teach you how to skateboard again." he said. She smiled and follwed his lead. She wasn't that much of a skateboarder, but that didn't matter because she enjoyed it.

Night fell and time passed and it was almost eleven o'clock. The two were still skateboarding when Alex's parents came. The two knew they were in trouble after they saw the faces of his parents and her best friend, who was also Alex's twin sister. His mom stepped foreward. "Alex, say bye to Tea. It's time for her to go home." She had a scowl on her face when she said that. She liked her son's girlfriend, but her being out this late was not something she wanted to deal with right when she got home.

Tea sighed and gave Alex a hug and a kiss then left with his parents to take her home. She sat quietly the whole way home while Alex's dad drove and his mom talked to her mom on her cell phone. The conversation lasted awhile before they finally ended the phone call. Tea sat there, still as quietly, dredding to see her parents when she got home. She had a time limit to be out and about, but it has never been long enough since it was only until 4:30. They hardly ever gave her freedom unless it dealt with things they liked her to do. Things that weren't always the best to do.

They came to stop before her house and she let herself out, thanking Alex's parents and heading inside. When she opened the door the car drove off into the night while she then headed into the house she lived in that was shrouded by darkness.

"You have a lot of nerve not coming home from school, Tea. Now, why is that?" said her mom after she reached the stairs.

She looked away from her mom, her eyes downcast and her fingers playing at her sleeves. "I just wanted to be with Alex for the day." she murmured quietly.

Her mom rolled her eyes at the excuse. She was not in the mood for this. "Rodney was wondering where you were since he was going to walk you home so you need to explain to him what happened. Now, go to your room and go to bed. You've got school in the morning."

Tea did as she was told and began to climb up the stairs to go to her room, going past her mom. When she reached her room she shut and locked the door behind herself then went to her bed and sat down. She reached into her drawer within her nightstand next to her bed, rummaging through it for what she was looking for. It took a minute to find it under all the papers and notebooks in there, but eventually she found her stash.

She took out a small wooden box and sat it on her lap. She opened it silently and in the box there was weed that was rolled like a cigarette. She took one out and a lighter, lighting the rolled up weed. Her parents would smell this, but they won't do anything. For some odd reason doing drugs kept her nightmares away. Every once in awhile it would be for a different reason or another anymore, but continued to do so anyhow. Sometimes, she even got high with her parents.

Of course her boyfriend knew about it, but he didn't care. He'd rather see her get high as hell instead of smoking cigarettes, which he called "death sticks". Though, this comparison made no sense he didn't care and neither did she. It was just them. As she inhaled the substance between her two fingers, index and middle finger, and exhaled she cried from deep within her heart. She cried harshly, thinking that her life was shit and that it wasn't far that her life was not in her control, but in her parents' hands. All night she was up, getting high. All night, she cried while doing so.

The next morning, without fail, went accordingly like every other morning she has. Like always she got herself around for school and ate breakfast with her family. When she was finally about to leave she found Rodney outside her house waiting for her so he could walk her to school. Tea smiled and greeted him with a hug and both began to walk to school, him carrying her backpack. Underneath her happy facade, in reality she was in turmoil. It was quiet most of the time until Rodney asked her where she was yesterday.

"Oh, I went to Alex's house. Sorry about not telling you about it." Tea answered as happily as she could muster and by the looks of it he believed her happiness was real.

The rest of te day went by in the usual way. Going to classes, talking with her friends, being with her boyfriend and just being normal. She hid behind fake happiness as she went on with everything as the weeks passed by and grew to a few months. The thing is, Alex was tired of Tea hiding her turmoil. He knew she was not that strong to handle hiding her pain for so long, she was too sensitive to do so. Figuring this, he knew things at her place must be getting pretty close, if not already, hell. It was sad to watch and no longer was he going to.

Three months have passed since the night she was out late with him. Three months of a facade he finally got tired of. He took the opportunity that day after school to discuss something with her. Something he thought was important. He held her close with his arms around her waist and him having her slender arms wrapped around his neck. They stayed like that for awhile and when Alex finally spoke his voice was surprisingly soft.

"Lets runaway together." Her eyes widened at this as she pulled back at arms length to stare into his eyes to see if he really meant it. When she saw that he really wanted to do this she wanted to immediately say "yes", but doubt started to cloud her.

What if something happens? There's no way they could survive. What about how they'll live? How they'll survive? These thoughts and questions ran rapid in her mind, but soon halted when Alex promises their survival. Promises her protection. Promises her everything. Along with the promises came the reassuring kisses. She believed him so she said yes.

That night, they disappeared. They had ran away from hell and into a new beginning. They were to start anew.


A young girl about the age of

fifteen was found dead. The young

girl's name was Tea Rivers and

she died from a drug overdose

From sources, we found out that

her and her boyfriend, Alex

Jefferson, had ran away with

each other only a week ago

and were surviving on their

own. Alex has been sent back

home and the young girl's

family shall recieve their

daughter's body to give her

a funeral.