02: Hang me out to dry

The day's progress is slow, quickly wearing itself thin. Maybe it's because I am conscious of how much I want to go home, how much I'd rather be somewhere else. Somewhere far away from the whispers that have wreaked havoc since this morning; the cheap thrill that once came with the notoriety long gone.

As I walk the corridors I feel the quick dart of eyes, and suddenly my collar is too tight.

I'm suffocating.

But these past years have given me nerves of steel. I tilt my head high and walk as if I don't already own the place, as if I don't have a care in the world.

Little do they know I am hanging by a thread.

Oh wow, this looks so short on fp. In my defense, it took up at least a third of the page on word!

...oh fine, a little less then a third but who's judging?

Anywho, I felt it necessary to post this tidbit, despite it's lack of wordcount. As much as this is about a girl and a boy, it's also just about a girl.

If anything, think of it as something to whet your appetite - shit is going to get real in the next few chapters.

Mucho love-oh to HighOnBrokenWings; If reviews are food for the ego, alerts are fucking feasts.

- Mayflies