Lola's twin suddenly commits suicide, no note or anything, and she is left without her half; her best friend. She tries to end her life, but is saved by a mysterious boy named Ezra. But Ezra has a massive secret that he's hiding - he's a mer-man. Just like the little mermaid...but not. Throw in Lola's old childhood friend Drew, a secret beach, lads and home cooked moussaka, and you've got a love triangle. And what (and how) happened to her twin, Dave?

WARNING: there are some pretty steamy scenes coming up ;)

PROLOGUE - you can skip this bit if you like; but it does give some worthwhile information qbout the beginnings of the story :)


It's me, Lola.

I miss you.

Why did you do it?

My Dearest David…

I went to our secret beach today, and sat, bathing in the sun, looking out into the blue, watery depths. You always knew it calmed me. I thought about our vacations here.

Why didn't you say goodbye?


You're right.

Kali is pretty (or as you say, sexy goddess), but she's a bitch.

Ever since…

Things are different now.

It's… hard.

I think I've lost weight.

Getting up in the morning is an effort now.

I feel… alone.

Where did my other half go?


I wish you were here.

I want you to come back, but I know you never will.

Why did you leave me here alone?