Wow! What can you see as you listen to your music inside of yourself?

Outside we try to find that same thing and, try as we might, we mostly fail

'Cause most of us are not musical unless we have a friend to show us the licks and the chords.

Yeah, I did that for about a year or so when I was younger. Had a Bass guitar.

It was an Epi, which is short for Epiphone; it's the manufacturer.

I could play with gusto after a time of practice, but really never wanted to show anyone

Except the very few privileged.

It was almost mine alone to see, and I did indeed see it when Pink Floyd walked through

The ruins of Pompeii; When the snow blew into my nose as I crossed the campus grounds of USD in the dead of night with 'phones stuck in my ears like molerats in the ground.

I took off into outer space with the machine that was soft and Pat.

My, my, my: how did it all come to me in that singular instant when with J. C. Egan, him on Drums, myself on bass, we did come upon Mars inside the Devil's Triangle by total


Wow! It makes me shake my head with wonderful recognition within.

Without me now, without my bass,

Without me how that music does race.

© S. I. Mette