This is a story; no this is a warning, a screaming into the masses of people who don't understand the pain some people have to face everyday. This is a dedication to everyone who has been wrongly accused, stepped upon, destroyed and barely brought back up. To the ones who did not ever ask for it to happen and yet it happened anyway and it left them in pain.

This is a voice of anger to those that are their accusers. This is a voice, one that can hopefully bring understanding. This is yelling, to the ones that bully with out consequence. This is something that belongs not to me, but to the ones of dedication, because I want to be one of the ones that can look in their eyes and just say "I understand", when no others could before. This is just a voice, a testament.

The question is: Do you want to listen?

Can you see me,

Just drifting by.

Barley breathing,

In fear of your strife.

Constantly looking,

For some way out.

With the vivid memories,

Of how you can shout.

See how I shudder,

When someone comes near.

I've dealt with this,

Too many years.

You do not understand,

For you do not wish to know.

That you may be the reason,

That my tears show.

And it's rather sad,

What you chose to ignore.

And it's rather dark here,

Hiding behind this door.

And I'll remain here,

In the realm of my dreams.

Where my pain dose not exist,

And tears are not seen.

And maybe one day,

You'll really understand.

And some will look,

And lift out their hand.

An until they come,

I will endure.

For my dreams are something,

I CAN strive for.