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A few minutes later we were all sat on the ground, looking intently at the empty beer bottle in the middle of the carpeted floor. Sam's room wasn't how I had expected it, it was full of music posters for bands which I thought a little too rock for him. The walls were painted a deep blue colour, reminding me of the shimmering depths of the ocean. You didn't know what was lurking beneath the water, just like I had failed to see this coming.

'Someone spin it then.' Cerise's voice came from across the circle. She had positioned herself next to Sam, a move which I had guessed before I came into the room, and Niker was on her other side. I glanced at him quickly out of the corner of my eye. His mouth was turned up and I could see he was clearly enjoying this game. I had sat myself next to Holly and Jack, and was grateful that Holly's expression of wariness seemed to mirror my own. I wasn't looking forward to this one bit.

Jack leaned forward and placed his hand on the bottle, flicking it so the bottle went spinning in a kaleidoscope of murky brown and grey carpet. The bottle slowly began to lose momentum and I held my breath, my eyes fixed on it. I silently begged it not to land on me. It slowly came to a stop.

I breathed out.

It had landed on a startled Holly, who looked at me with wide eyes. Jack reached out and spun the bottle again. It stopped and we all followed the neck of the bottle to a rather comfortable looking Niker. He turned around to face a nervous looking Holly who was sat next to him, and slowly hooked a hand on the back of her shoulder in a way that told me he'd done a lot of Spin the Bottle game's before. I hated myself for watching, but I, along with everyone else gazed upon the two of them waiting for what would happen next. His eyes then flicked to mine, and held themselves there, as he leaned in and slowly capturing Holly's lips in his. I was slow and careful and expert. I could only watch as the seconds ticked by as Holly became more and more engrossed in the kiss.

'Go on Niker!' I heard someone, probably Sam chuckle from across the room. I was too wrapped up in replaying the moment before in my head. Why had he looked at me? I knew he wanted a kiss from me - he had made it obvious in the living room before. Something about the gentle nature made my knees weak as I imagined him replicating it with my own lips. It didn't seem like the sort of kiss he would usually give. I thought his kisses would be fiery and passionate (the thought had crossed my mind at the party, I admit).

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Holly nudging me. The bottle was about to spin again, so I hadn't noticed when the kiss had finished.

'Has it landed on anyone before this?' I asked.

'Yeah, Sam.' I nodded my head to let her know I had heard her and watched as it juddered to a stop infront of Cerise. We all laughed as they launched themselves into a passionate embrace.

'They didn't need any prodding, did they?' Jack rolled his eyes next to me.

'Reckon we should add a time limit?' I asked him, watching as they showed no signs of stopping. We let a few minutes pass before I caught sight of a pen being thrown directly at Sam's head. I laughed as it did as was intended, and broke the two of them from each other. Jack pointed at his watch, and gave the two of them a pointed look.

The game continued.

Sam and Jack, to which Sam gave Jack a brotherly hug and they sat back down.

Niker and Sam, to which Niker batted his eyelashes hilariously at Sam and they faked a passionate kiss.

Me and Holly, dealt with by an air kiss and a hug.

Holly and Jack, who had a slightly longer than was considered chaste kiss. I asked Holly about this later and she said that they were just good friends and she didn't like him like that. I believed her - the two of them seemed comfortable in each other's presence, but they didn't sit too close or flirt.

Me and Niker.

I froze.

I stared at the bottle for a few moments, willing it not to be true. Hesitantly, I looked over to where Niker was and saw him give me a smug grin, his eyes twinkling. He slowly made his way over to me and the room suddenly became thick with tension. Suddenly, too soon, he was in front of me. Our eyes locked and I swam in the brightness of his eyes. My breath hitched in my throat and I fought to keep my breathing steady. Instead it came out shaky and nervous. I wanted to kiss him, having seen his and Holly's performance earlier. I knew, from the whispers in the hallways and the gossip in class that he was undoubtably a good kisser. The best in school. And what I'd witnessed earlier was tender and something about that side of him made butterflies beat mercilessly in my stomach. But another part of me knew that it would only end in tears, and that he probably only wanted me for the chase. He'd break my heart and never look back.

I waited.

A hand extended itself to position on my waist.

My heart hammered against my ribcage.

Another hand made it's way to the side of my face, warming my skin with his touch and making my face blush a deep pink.

He moved. Closer and closer his face came, and I braced myself for the kiss. My eyes landed on the softness of his lips and I watched, unmoving as they landed slowly on my cheek. They lingered there, my body simmering where he touched it, before withdrawing. His breath fanned my ear, and I shivered slightly.

And then his was gone, his hands back to his side. He stayed at my side though, instead of moving back to his place in the disjointed circle.

The game carried on, but I paid no attention. I felt cheated - why had he kissed Holly like that and not me? If he had wanted to claim his kiss, he would have done it then, wouldn't he? He was just messing with me now.