Critical Reception

"It starts off as a careful analysis on the very meaning of life, beautifully executed, like only the author could tell it. Then, as if he knew us since grade school, as if he was our best friend during the former years of our lives, the author delves into the hearts of minds of people we all knew at one stage in our existence, and, like retelling our biographies for us, does it with enchanting distinction.

"Indeed, although some refer to it as a psychological thriller, while other schools of thought would classify it as Philosophy, most have announced J.T. Tegtmeier's grand masterpiece to be the only book worth reading. Considering that, I could say, without a doubt, that readers ultimately change their lives for the better, in the purchasing of this masterfully orchestrated piece of literature.

"I laughed, I broke down in tears, I learned how to tap dance. All in all a great, nay, a grand read".

- Jesse Tegtmeier

"Whoever wrote this book should be locked up"

- The general population