AN: So i had a dream one time that sort of went like this. it was me and this absolutely delicious guy with dark brown hair, blue eyes, a killer smile, amazing voice amazing mind and amazing talent. if only it had come true. *sigh* so yeah. i hope you guys enjoy it and leave me plenty of reviews. it would be much appreciated. :D


Monotony and Change

He walked into the auditorium and noticed her sitting there in her corner. That wasn't actually her corner, but he had come to call it that. She was always there sitting on the floor and reading some book or other. Last week it was The Crucible. The week before that it was Peter Pan. The week before that it was The Glass Castle. She was always reading something different, and it was never assigned. That's what he loved about her. She was a curious girl. He walked her way.

She peeked from behind her book at him. Though she was absorbed in her Shakespeare, she couldn't help but wonder if he noticed her. Was he looking at her when she was too lost in her book? She looked up from her book for a moment to glance in his direction. She ducked back between the pages of her book. He was walking this way.

"Hi Tess,"

"Hi Max," she replied.

"So what are you reading?" he asked her. She looked up at him with her curious eyes. He saw they were a golden brown and green today. They always seemed to change colors.

"Romeo and Juliet," she responded.

"Really. I don't imagine it to be your kind of book to read for enjoyment."

"It's not," she responded simply.

"Then why are you reading it?" She put her book down next to her and looked him evenly in the eyes. The way her stare seemed to be so clear and free of haziness, full of discernment capable of separating lies and truths, truly unnerved him at times.

"well, it's not something I would usually read and I am always up for something new. Change can be so refreshing. Don't you think?" she said smiling. He smiled back.

"I guess so," he responded. She looked at his watch and her eyes widened.

"Oh! It's time for us to go in!" she said picking up her bag and skipping into the auditorium. He watched after her as she skipped. He caught sight of one of her friends. Surely he would know something. He motioned him over.

"Matt," he said confidentially, "What do you know about her?"

"Oh a ton," said the flaming actor, "she's like my sister you know? She's a sweetheart."

"Does she ever-talk about me?" he asked anxiously. The boy looked at him and smirked knowingly.


"Yes," he said too quickly, 'please." The boy's smile widened.

"All the time."

"What is she like?"

"Maybe you should find out for yourself." With that he walked into the auditorium after a group of friends. He was now alone in the foyer and caught a glimpse of a book on the ground. Her book! She left it. He picked it up and rushed towards her.

"Hey!" he called after her, "you left this." She turned around to be faced with his piercing blue eyes. She loved his eyes. She could stare all day. But she shouldn't. He may just notice something out of the ordinary if she did.

"Thank you," she replied quietly. He had no chance to continue. Practice was starting, and the chorus was to sit and watch as they blocked the coming scene. He was to be blindfolded, led onto the stage, and at the queue fall down onto the ground. A prank was being formulated.

"When the director says to him let me write some notes now. Just stay right there. I'll tell you when to get up, and then everyone leave. We are going to turn out the lights and everything." Excited whispers spread throughout the aud. She opened her book and smiled. This was a nice change of pace. She liked new things after all. And his reaction would be priceless. The time came and everyone rushed out into the hallway. She then got a brilliant idea. She couldn't help but let the grin spread along her face.

"Matt! Hold my book!" she said as she tossed the book in his hand.

"What for?"

'You'll find out eventually," she said as she ran to the double doors that led onto the stage. He smiled. Oh, this would be good.

Everything was quiet, he couldn't see through the blindfold, and he was flat on his back on stage. This was not good. He tried to move the blindfold after a while, but it was too tight. This was a problem.

"Hello?" he called out. No answer. Damn. They all left him. Those pranksters. He would get them eventually.

She silently made her way carefully through the set and to the stage. She saw him there confused and flat on his back, eyes covered. She smiled in excitement. She loved the rush she got when she tried something unthinkable, and completely new. She made her way over and knelt down next to him. Slowly and carefully she slid her hand up his chest to his neck until it reached his face. His brow furrowed in confusion as he reached up to touch her hand.

"Um, Pardon me," he began, "but could you please explain-" he wasn't able to finish as she had already pressed her soft lips to his. Well this was a shock. But he wasn't complaining. It was pretty amazing. Scratch that. It was unbelievably amazing. So amazing. So so so amazing. He didn't want this to stop. Not for one minute, not even for a second.

She was leaning over him and had started out soft and slow, smiling against his lips in complete disbelief that she was doing this. She didn't know she would enjoy it this much; wanting him was new for her. She had never really wanted someone. Until now. It was a very different feeling, and she had to say it wasn't bad.

He felt her hand close around the collar of his shirt and pull him towards her. He slowly sat up to meet her. His hands were tangled in her hair, and he loved it.

Finally she broke away from him, out of breath. Wouldn't you be after something that exhilarating?

"I must say I truly enjoyed that," he said, "but I think I would enjoy it a lot more if I could see your face. May I?' he asked as he signaled to his blindfold. She giggled and gently pulled the blindfold down from his eyes.

He looked forward and in front of him to be faced with green and shining orbs smiling at him with a mischievous glint sparkling through. His own eyes widened in surprise.

"You," he uttered. She smiled coyly.

"Me," she repeated.

"why did you do it?" he asked. She shrugged.

"well, it was something new and I had never done it before, so I thought, what the hell? Oh!" she added, "and it may have had something to do with your intelligence and sparkling blue eyes." He smiled.

"so would you try something new like oh, say, a date with a boy you've never gone out with?"

She pondered the question but not for long. She already knew her answer. "I would be open to that."

"That's very good to hear," he whispered in her ear as he kissed her again. Now this, she thought, doesn't ever have to change. I would enjoy this type of monotony.

Matt watched through the small window in the double doors. As he saw him kiss her in return he turned away from the door and jumped up in triumph.

"Yes!" he yelled with a fist pump as he ran down the hall. It wouldn't be long before the whole theatre community would know. Finally. It happened!