Street Side Crossing

Walking this midnight street, the concrete sidewalk solid and hard under my moving feet. Walking, walking, always moving forwards. Never look back. The future is the only sure thing, as is the night.

The day can become night, just by the moon eclipsing the sun. Nothing can halt the evening darkness, so night is eternal.

Walking this familiar street, the street lights dim glow stretching off into the darkness ahead, lighting your way.

The headlights of cars race past, the light trails imprinting themselves onto your eyes. The deep engines roar cries for only a moment, then is gone, out of hearing.

The sound provides a distraction from your thoughts, as you walk down this street silently, intent on your destination.

You unconsciously start listening to the sounds of the city, and looking at what now surrounds you. Towering buildings with lighted up windows. The city is full of lights, shining up into the dark sky, making the night seem brighter. It's these man made lights that fade out the stars, no longer seen. But nothing can overshadow the moon, bright, and shining, to it's fullest, down upon you.

Making your way, closer to your destination, your footsteps quicken, already seeing the welcoming lights stream out onto the lonely footpath.

Even your heavy breathing, loud in your ears, cannot block out the growing sound laughter, from company you so long for.

The keening creak of the gate as it opens to admit you, the gentle groan of the old wood front steps beneath your feet. Opening the screen door by the near rusted handle, then pushing open the thick solid wooden front door.

"Hey guys. I'm home!"