Undeniable Sense of Attraction – By: DorkExpress

Summery:Samantha and Christopher are partners who can't stand each other. No, I'm not talking about High School Lab partners; I'm talking about business partners. Samantha Rodriguez is stubborn and very beautiful much to Chris' chagrin. But she isn't aware of it, all she's aware of is that the handsome and not to mention annoying Christopher Harrington. But what they both are oblivious to is the tension that both of them seem to have and the gentle moments they seem to share. Are sparks flying? Or is it everyone else's imagination?

Yes, it is me again, DorkExpress, and yes, again, I'm editing this story.

I won't make any promises about it, because these characters love to run amok and leave for ages. They love to make me think that I have them where I want them they run around in my brain and they hide for months and when I do find them, they don't want to cooperate with me. Sam is stubborn as heck and Chris just loves to annoy me.

It's frustrating to be honest.

But this time, I need to finish it because I have another story I want to write, aside from Friends with Benefits? But that's a whole different story and subject all together.

Let me tell it how it is, okay?

There is no plagiarizing allowed of any kind; I don't use Betas or pre readers. So if this sounds familiar, it's just the plotline, I guess. There's only so much we can do to change it. Also, all mistakes, grammatical or otherwise, are all mine and I would appreciate if you PM-ed me if I do make a mistake of that sort.

I would love it if I had feedback, I'm not a softy, if you wanna tell me something, go ahead. Also, PM me if you wanna ask questions, I'm open for anything.

If you want to know why there isn't a chapter up or read my rambles on how my characters keep disappearing, go here: ohmylilly . blogspot . com

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That'll be all, enjoy!