Undeniable Sense of Attraction – By: DorkExpress


The Honest Douche Bag

- Christopher -

I have no clue what I'm saying or doing!

All that I know is that this girl gives off bad vibes, she's a bitch with major problems and that Sam looks ridiculously hot in that dress.

She looked at me, her heated glance turned ice cold and her smile turned into a thin line on her haggard looking face.

"You cracked Sam? As in had sexwith her? Hah! Funny, but the dumb ass is waiting for 'the one'.Like that'll ever happen!" She spat, spitting venom with her words... Wow, she is a snake!

"You know what, I don't need to deal with this whore," Sam said getting up and walking towards the balcony once again. I got up and walked out with her so that it seemed that we were together... but, the truth was that I needed time to think over what I just did.

I walked out and saw Sam standing there, looking at the view of the city like she was before... but, I would much rather have her mad at me than sad. Because I knew she was sad, I have three sisters, so I know what a sad girl looks like. Plus, I saw her eyes before she left; the hurt in them was apparent. Even to a jerk like me. I took a breath and walked over to her... thinking all the while why had I volunteered to act as a defense for Sam in the first place!

"You weren't kidding, she is a snake..." I said lightly, trying to get a retort or a glare from her like I usually do. What she didn't say anything; I asked what I had wanted to ask.

"Who's Greg?"

I thought she wasn't going to respond when I heard her sigh. "Greg was my fiancé..."

I had figured as much, but it still surprised me. Sam had a fiancé. It was weird. I waited for her to continue but didn't, so I prompted her... "And…?"

She turned to me, her eyes full of fiery fury, I was going to take a step back, but decided to stand my ground and be the pompous jerk I always am to her, the one she expects me to be.

"And? AND! And he slept with her. Didn't you hear the bitch? Can't you put one and one together? I was engaged, had the best fiancé, or so I thought. What I didn't know was that the fucker was screwing with my cousin since I didn't put out," she laughed, but I could hear the hurt in her laugh. I felt like punching the guy for being stupid. You don't sleep with your fiancé's family members you sleep with strangers!

"He's a dumb-ass if you ask me," I told her, hoping my voice didn't give anything away. "I mean… I know you're weird and have a temper and didn't want to jump in bed with him, but to do it with that crazy psycho, well, let's just say you got the better end of the deal."

"And why would that be?" She said stonily.

"If he would have went on a one night stand with a stranger you would have never found out and you would have been married," I told her, but, saying it felt weird on my lips, it felt awkward on my tongue. "That would have been the smart way to do it."

She looked at me, her eyes both amused and hurt; a small smile appeared on her lips. I hid my smirk. "There's smart ways to cheat on people? Wow, that's a first."

I couldn't hide my smirk any more; I let it out to play. "Yes, that was a smart way I just told you. But that dude was a moron. I mean, what can you expect from a dude named Greg."

"What indeed?" I heard her murmur in a small voice.

"The idiot, no use saying his name, did it the wrong way if he said he loved you so much. The moron had to go and screw your own cousin. And let me guess, you walked in when they were on his bed doing it." I said and looked at her, she looked down. Her cheeks turned a shade of pink, I sneered. "I'll take that as a confirmation. See that in it self was predictable. You take your one night stand to a hotel, never your house, what if she's the psycho, stalker type you know?" I asked her, she giggled slightly; I pushed the urge to comment on that. I'll make fun of her later.

"I bet the moron felt comfortable with her in the house, so he did it there and then. He should have had control of the situation, like a man would've, and told her to leave, to meet up somewhere else. But, at least you saw and got lucky enough not to get hitched with the idiot. You would have probably gotten divorced by now..."

I looked at her, her head down again. GOODNESS GRACIOUS! THAT POSE IS STARTING TO GET ON MY NERVES! SHE LOOKED PATHETIC, SOMETHING THAT ODDLY DIDN'T GO WITH HER PERSONALITY... HOW LONG AGO WAS THIS ANYWAY? TWO, THREE YEARS AGO? I mean I met Sam a little over eight months ago... or something like that. And she was always her angry, loudmouth self.

"We would have been married for a year..." she said so low I thought it was the light wind giving me an answer.

Damn, well no wonder she's still hung up on the dude, it happened a little after I came to her life... or she came to mine... whatever. That would explain the silence that she always seems to lapse into at the store and the lost look on her face when Alicia and Anthony were exchanging their vows and all. I bet she remembered every single thing she planned, all the hurt she must have felt, the pain, the anger...

And damn, I didn't even know she was sad the whole time. I know I'm a jerk and a douche-bag, but I felt like an idiot now knowing that I was right next door to the girl with the broken heart. If Claire, Jane, Nancy or mother found out that I didn't do my best to be nice to a girl with problems I would be in deep shit. They associate a girl with a broken heart to a wounded puppy. You wouldn't kick a wounded puppy, well; I'm not a total heartless jackass! I would help it out, call animal control or nurse it to health. And I did nothing but want to make Sam's life a living hell for the first months... Goodness, I'm such a douche.

"Yeah, well, I think you're right. At least I got out of a relationship that was going to do nothing but cause me to die slowly." Once again, her voice was low, but she was looking at the view, but not seeing it. I had a feeling she was thinking of the idiot. I rolled my eyes inwardly. She is such a melodramatic chick. 'AT LEAST I GOT OUT OF A RELATIONSHIP THAT WAS GOING TO DO NOTHING BUT CAUSE ME TO DIE SLOWLY'. Talk about living your life like a Soap Opera!

"Thanks for being an honest douche bag. It helped with... everything. Plus, I learned what guys do when they're cheating..." she winked at me with her dark eyes still filled with a thousand emotions causing me to think about pushing her against a wall and kiss her senseless. And that thought caused me to feel heat on my cheeks.

Kissing Sam senseless?


But before I knew what I was doing I leaned in, lowering my face a little, she looked up and the darkness in her eyes was beckoning me closer, they were hypnotic, drawing me in, shining in the moonlight, mystical, beautiful... disastrously appealing.

*~~ Undeniable Sense of Attraction ~~*

A/N: Okay, so now that I'm done with Never Unintentional, I'm trying to focus on this story because it's been on the incomplete section for a long time and to say the truth, it's starting to annoy me! Anyway, enjoy the chapter!


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