Undeniable Sense of Attraction – By: DorkExpress


Get Him

- Christopher -

I was so close to her, I could feel her breath on my face.

I could smell her perfume and I was momentarily distracted by wanting to wrap her in my arms and smell her. She smelled good. She smelled fresh; like roses, like ash wood, like something I want to bury my face in... And the smell was coming from her, so I wanted to bury myself in her. In her arms, surround myself with her hair. I wanted to taste her lips... to see if she was as sweet and innocent as she looked. I was craving it more and more.

I was both grateful and annoyed when I saw someone walking towards us and I stepped away from her. I mean, what reason do I have for wanting to kiss my annoying partner in the first place? But, I mean, why would someone come and interrupt just when I was going to get what I was craving for almost the whole night. Goodness, I'm pathetic!

Wanting to desperately kiss the woman that I so hate. What bullshit is that?

The figure was close by and I soon recognized it to be Alicia's dad, "Hello, Chris, how are you muchacho?" He patted my back softly.

"I'm fine thank you," he nodded and told Sam something in Spanish and she went back inside.

He stood right next to me and smiled, "I came to talk to you..." I was quiet, letting him continue, "Well, you know I'm an old friend of Samantha's family, and I just want to know... what your... relationship with her is."

I was stunned. He was he asking me if me and Sam... Sam and I... no fucking way!

I think it showed in my face because he then said, "As Natalia's best friend and compadre, I need to give you the speech she would give to any of the other muchachos who would want to date her, but I'll be brief. Don't break her heart, it's already fragile as it is," he looked briefly at Josie passing by the doors and frowned, "Or we will come after you like we didn't for that puto Greg. Pinche mamada que hizo ese desgraciado con ella, y esa hija de su..." he stopped, breathed in a couple of times, realized that he was talking in Spanish and I couldn't understand a word of it.

"Samantha is very loved by me and my family. She is like one of my own, so I am giving you fair warning. If she comes to Alicia for whatever reason about something you did to her you will find out how very much we love her, mostly Alex, that boy would kill for her. Plus, I wouldn't like to hurt someone I so really like, right?"

"Right. Don't worry about it, I understand where you stand, and I wouldn't do anything like that guy, but..."

Mr. Gonzales smiled and patted my back again with more enthusiasm this time, "Well, I'm real glad we talked and have everything in line. I'll let you go now I have to talk to the photographer."

He left and I felt kind irritated because where would he get the idea of me being in a relationship with Sam?

I mean, one thing is having sex but a whole other is having a relationship with the irritating woman!

*~~ Undeniable Sense of Attraction ~~*

- Samantha -

What would Gonzalo need to talk to Chris about? Gonzalo's in the investment market, so maybe he's interested in handling Chris' portfolio? I didn't get to ponder what Gonzalo wanted to talk to Chris much because I bumped into someone...

"Oh, excuse me, I... Alejandro! How are you? I haven't seen you in ages!" I wrapped him in a tight hug and he kissed my cheek.

"Samantha, hola mujer! Where have you been hiding all this time? And don't tell me you haven't because you'd be lying to me. But, I've been good, can you tell by my physic? All muscle no more Chubbybunny here, as you so loved to call me."

"How do you keep the ladies off you, you're a stud! And you will forever be my Chubbybunny, no matter what you look like, the kid I love is in there somewhere," I said pointing at him and coming in hard contact with muscle. WOW, my brain thought, THE KID GREW.

Alex and I danced and drank together, we were talking about the good ole times and he asked me about Greg. He volunteered to go beat the crap out of him, but I told him that there was no point. What is done is done and nothing can reverse it.

"My offer still stands, Sam. No one hurts people I love and gets away with it." His voice was light, but I could hear an edge to it.

"Thank you, that means a lot. And you know I love you too right?" I told him wholeheartedly.

He smiled at me, a true genuine smile, "Yes, I know. And I'm glad we met, even though we aren't family, I feel as if we are. You're like my annoying cousin or baby sister... or any annoying family member would do." I feigned hurt and mock glared at him. He was always so much fun to be around with that I forgot the bad company around us...

*~~ Undeniable Sense of Attraction ~~*

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