love poem to the world

i want to love you.
i want to be your
"you are beautiful"
and the one to tell you
to never think otherwise, because
there is brilliance in the
uniqueness that comes with
being the only "you"
on the third planet, and

i want you to hear me
when i tell you to
be the best that you can be,
even though i know
you already are the best,
but i don't know if you do,
or if you know that
we can always be better people
when we open our hearts
to peace, love, and understanding
and i sure as hell don't
know what's so funny about
it either, but i like
to laugh,

and i like to hear you laugh.
because i know the
feelings that come with
tilting my head back
ever so slightly and
letting my heart and my
lungs do the rest, and i like
knowing when you feel
the same way, because
those are feeling worth
feeling, and your laughter
always fills me up because
your laugh is loud, or cute,
or charming, or just a little bit
weird but that's okay, because
it makes us laugh even more.

and i always love that
toothy grin that hitches on
to the end of your laugh
because your smile means
the world to me,
because it lets me know that
the world just got a
little bit happier,
and we could all afford a
little more happiness in our
little lives, and i want you
to know that you are a
giant as long as you
believe it and i want
you to believe it so
what would you like me to
say to convince you?

you are bold and
you are bright and
you are a giant because
i love you so big
and i want to
remind you how big
because most people see
too small to notice how
big love is in the world, and
if they stopped
to show a little more
care for everyone else
everyone would care
for one another and
we could all live
without a care in
the world

but i love you.
i want to, and i do.
but this is not my love poem just
to you.
this is my love poem
to the world because
if the world could know
all my love
maybe people
will be able
to feel it.