She walks through the door

And all she hears is yelling.

Yelling in one room,

Yelling in another.

Will it ever stop?

Who is yelling?

She doesn't know.

It's all the same.

Everyone in this house yells and screams,

Except for her.

They know this.

And they abuse it.

Most of the yelling is directed at her.

Because they know she'll just sit there.

In silence.

Like always.

She sits and waits for them to stop.

Maybe after a while they will assume the yelling isn't affecting her.

They don't.

She tries a different tactic.

She starts to yell back.

But, of course, this only makes her the bad guy

And she gets in trouble.

She goes back to listening to yells in silence.

Taking it all in and pouring it all out

Once she reaches the small sanctuary of her room.

She cries but nobody knows

Just how much this is all affecting her.