I still remember the day I almost drowned. I was caught in a wave and I couldn't say anything. I couldn't catch anyone's attention.

And out of nowhere, he was there, holding me above the water so I could breathe again. "I told you I'll always be here for you," he told me.

There was a time when I believed in that. There was a time when I believed in him.

And ever so slowly, everything came into focus. I saw him for who he really was. I saw that player, I saw the way he treated woman. I saw the loss in morality, the stupid stunts he pulls off. I saw the manipulation, the size of his ego, the carelessness. I saw the immaturity behind what everyone thought was such a great person.

And here he is again, bringing up a subject that he knows irritates me. Here he is, bringing up a subject that everyone that respects my feelings walks on eggshells about. That everyone else has understood when they saw the look in my eyes.

He sees me squirm, nudges me on the arm and laughs. That damn idiot is laughing in my face about the situation he got me into.

My cousin used to be my hero.

And now he's just another disappointment, just another reason for the tears on my pillow.