My Eleventh

It was that typical story. Popular guy gives off a I-do-not-care- attitude and all the girls eat it all up.. Well… all except for one. And that one girl is Brooke Reagan. And she was his challenge.

It all starts with the banters and the guy constantly being there to badger the female protagonist. She would become annoyed, his friends would laugh and chide him but she proved to be a real challenge that intrigued him, so he got to know her better. He often found himself asking her questions about her life and somehow they became friends. Her friends disapproved of his friendship but he proved to be trustworthy enough for her friends to eventually accept him in their circle.

She falls for him but he doesn't fall for her like all the happily ever stories about romantic clichés. He just finds her amusing, refreshing and intriguing. He found out one day that he liked her. Still, this did not made him change his plans.

It was all planned out. He wooed her into his arms one lovely night out together, invited her into his house to watch a late night movie then one thing led to another. She gave it up to him. And though he could easily say that she was the best he had ever had, he just couldn't handle her saying I love you before drifting off to sleep.

He never liked commitments and if it meant losing her as a friend, then so be it. With a firm resolve, he woke up and decided that it would be best if they would not be seeing, much less acknowledging each other. He decided it for the both of them.

The next day, she tried to gain his attention countless of times, only to be brushed away again and again. She persisted and somehow he found it hard to ignore her like he did with the other girls. Eventually, he caved in and talked to her. It wasn't really a conversation but he talked to her, much to the shock of the whole school. Everyone knew that Reed Mason doesn't do seconds. Reed didn't care though. He just continued to talk with Brooke and laughed at one of her jokes.

Days passed and all seemed well…..until Patrick, one of Reed's closest friends handed her a little black notebook.

1. Farrah Stevens

2. Leah Rivers

3. Katie Walters

4. Micah Jones

5. Margaret Ling

6. Paula Simmons

7. Stacey Ford

8. Layla Ryans

9. Marie Moretti

10. Raine Moretti

11. Brooke Reagan

Brooke blinked up at Patrick. "Why are you showing me this?" Brooke wasn't dumb. She knew what all these girls and her had in common. They had all been virgins up until they started spending time with Reed. It was of no secret how these girls cried their hearts out and Reed didn't so much as flinch or twitch. She just felt so ashamed and sad to see her name there, number eleven to a growing list of names.

Patrick smiled. He draped one of his strong muscular arms on Brooke's slender shoulders. "How does California sound to you, kitten?"

It's been the talk of the school the whole week. Patrick Moore and Brooke Reagan up and went out of the blue. Rumor has it that they had eloped. Another said that Brooke was expecting and that Patrick and her were starting a family over there. It was so sudden that even Brooke's friends had no idea what the hell was up. Reed had heard that her friends had asked Brooke's parents about her whereabouts. They said she had moved to California and didn't know when she would be coming back.

Brooke Reagan wasn't exactly a nobody. She was the varsity volleyball's team captain, the all A's student, the occasional helpful classmate and most of all, the type of person you would count on for advice. To say she was missed by her classmates was an understatement. And somehow…. Reed Mason felt exactly the same.

And this is where the real story begins…..