Cierna Anjel

Main characters:

Cierna Anjel- name translates to black angel- 17 years old. Waist length white hair, dark colored skin, and light blue eyes. Has black swan wings growing from her back, prisoner of Bedŕich Cernoch.

Bedŕich Cernoch- name translates to Fredrich Black- 35 years old. Has brown, graying hair, tanned skin, and red eyes. He is a wolf shifter. Is pravÍkto or ruler of Krajny tvorov- land of creatures.
BlažeJ Cernoch- name translates to Blaze Black- 18 years old. Has black hair, orange eyes, dark colored skin, and is a dragon shifter. He is the knieža or price of Krajny Tvorov.

Krajny Tvorov- land of creatures:

Krajny Tvorov- ruled by the Cernoch family- is literally a land of creatures. Shifters, fae, and other mythical creatures live in this land. All of Krajny Tvorov's species of creatures vary according to the circumstances of their birth- not their parents. The best way to tell what species one of them is by looking at their wrists and arms. Every species has a specific symbol or tattoo that a tvorov is born with, showing what type of creature they will be.


I sat on a rock in the middle of a bright blue lake. There was not a cloud in the sky that day and the water was calm and clear - reflecting each tree surrounding it perfectly. As I sat there, the sun beat down upon my black wings. The clothing I was wearing - a white shirt and black trousers - had been stolen from a nearby town and their soapy, clean smell was still there. Then I heard people talking, and they seemed to be good enough of a distance away, so I sat and listened to their conversation.

"I'm telling you, I saw the demon! Bold as anything, she walked right into my shop and stole a shirt and a pair of trousers!" I heard a voice say. Going through my memory, I recognized him as the cat demon that I had stolen clothing from. Amused by the irony of him calling me a demon, I continued to listen.

"Alright, Sir, calm down. Now do you remember what this "demon" looked like?"

"Yes, she looked around seventeen, and she had dark skin and black swan wings growing from her back." The cat demon replied.

"We will report to you when we find her."

A howl sounded - signaling the hunt to begin. Now I knew it was my time to exit the scene.

Standing up and unfolding my wings to their full span, I leaped off the rock that I sat on. I was gliding over the lake, ascending higher and higher until I was far above the trees.

"We found her!" I turned my head to see two dragon shifters flying after me while yelling orders to the other creatures below them. I flapped my wings harder and the dragon shifters began to fall behind. "Don't let her get away! Shoot her down if you have to!"

A sudden pain shot through my left wing and spread throughout my body, turning my vision red. Then the world faded to black.

I came around slowly, my body felt sore and I knew I probably had cuts and bruises all over. I slowly sat up and tried to spread my wings, but pain exploded through my left wing and I had to fold it in again. I turned to look at my wing and saw that it had been wrapped in white bandages. As the memory of the moment ran through my head I realized that they had shot me down.

"Ah, I see you are awake." I looked up and saw a dark haired vampire guard, looking down at me and smirking. "The ruler wants to see you." He unlocked my cell and walked towards me. "Go." When I didn't comply, he grabbed my wrists behind my back and shoved me forward. As we walked out of the dungeon I didn't take notice to our surroundings. Thoughts ran through my head, Why had the king wanted to see me? What was happening? What was going to happen to me? Then next thing I knew a harsh voice hissed, "Kneel," and I was shoved onto the ground.

"Now what have we here?" I looked up at the man and realized just how much trouble I was in. One of the two men in front of me had brown hair that was beginning to gray, red eyes, looked to be around 35 years old, and had the marks of a wolf shifter. Just behind him stood another man, he looked about a year older than me, had dark skin, orange eyes and was a dragon shifter. I knew just from looking into their eyes that they were the Cernoch family - and I was now their prisoner.