Chapter 2

"Now what have we hear?" Bedrich asked.

The man behind hims with the orange eyes smirked and said, "I believe it's some type of bird, Father." He stepped forward and grabbed my chin, forcing me to look into his orange eyes which had a look of interest and curiosity. I jerked my chin back and glared at him. He laughed, clearly amused, "I do think that it does not like me very much, Father."

"Hmmm...perhaps," Bedrich mused, "She could attend to you personally- you have been needing a new slave." He then smiled a very cynical smile.

Blažej smiled, his sharp fangs glinting. "Guards, take her to my chambers and have a maid take care of it."

The guards stepped forward and grabbed my arms. I glared at Bedrich and Blažej putting all the venom I could into my eyes. The guards dragged me up the stairs and as I looked around I realized that the entire palace was made of ice. The spiral staircase I was being dragged up was a intricate lattice design of different animals- depicting the rise and fall of many kings and monarchies before. I was then thrown into a room, landing on my hands and knees. The door was shut loudly and I glared at it. I slowly got up off my aching knees and looked around. I almost gasped. This room was made of the same ice as the rest of the palace but- it was very different. Through the walls fire flowed like veins, it's bright reds, oranges, and yellows contrasting deeply with the cool colors of the ice. My eyes continued to roam over the walls and I saw that there was a bed with red velvet sheets lying in the middle of the room and on the wall behind it was something I could not help but stare at in pure awe. The firey viens had grouped together and formed into the depiction of a dragon. The dragon was in it's full glory- It's bright wings were spread out in full flight, it claws were fully extended and it's eyes blazed with a demand for respect.

"Excuse me miss?"

The sudden voice startled me and I spun around.

"I'm sorry, miss, I did not mean to startle you. I was told to come and lead you to the washroom."

I nodded and she walked out the room while I followed her. We came to a door and she handed me a towel and soap and pushed me into the room. "I will return in a moment." Then, she left.

I looked around and noticed a spring carved into the ice, steam rose off the water. I took off my clothing and slipped into the warm water. I relaxed as the warm water contacted my skin. I took the soap she had given me and washed my body and hair. Once I was finished I felt clean for the first time in the past few days. I got out of the water and dried myself off with the towel. I then looked around and found a white dress hanging in one of the corners. I took it off the hanger and was surprised to find that it had pre-cut holes in the back for my wings. Being careful of my wings I gently let the silk dress glide over my head. I then walked over to the full length mirror nearby and looked at myself. What i saw surprised me. My light blue eyes had spots of red in them and my wings were now fully healed. To check I opened and closed them to find them healed completely.

"We must return now. The prince will soon return."

I followed her back into the room and she shut the door behind her as she left. I then collapsed onto the bed. Feeling completely drained from the days events.

Blažj's POV

I walked into my room and looked around. I saw the swan shifter girl lying on my bed. Her wings were tucked delicately behind her and her white hair that deeply contrasted with her deep brown skin, lay scattered across the velvet sheets. She looked like an angel. I did not realize that I had said this aloud until her eyelids fluttered open. When she saw me she jumped and I smirked. "Tell me my little black angel, what is your name?

A look of confusion muddled her features and she slowly shook her head. I raised my eyebrow, "You do not know your name?" She shook her head 'no.' "Can you talk at all?" Again she shook her head. I just stood there, surprised.

Who had ever heard of a swan shifter that couldn't talk?

A/N soo to explain that in this awesome world I made up, swan shifters are very rare and are known for their siren-like voices, which, coincidentally, dragons are immune to. So what did ya'll think of Blažej? He's pretty smexy right? XD

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