Have you ever heard of the game called 'Nervous'?

Oh, it's a lovely, lovely game.

Especially, if you happen to be playing that game with an equally lovely stranger.

In the corner of a dark pub.

At three in morning.

Where you feel as if it's just you and him…and the game.

However, let me elaborate, for those who may not be familiar with the game that I speak of, or those who may know it of a different name.

'Nervous' is a game where each player has to do something till the other is uncomfortable enough to say: NERVOUS!

Starting example being: Me putting my hand on said sexy stranger's knee.

Continued example: Sexy stranger copies, and then shifts up a little, gently squeezing my leg.

Damn. He's good.

This continues as I lean closer, squeezing his lower thigh.

He shifts to squeeze my upper one.

Only five minutes pass, and we're practically in each other's laps, eyes staring at eyes, neither talking.

Then his hand skims under my shirt, leaving a hot trail of flame like feeling on my belly.

I caress his torso, having slunk both of my hands under his shirt.

Now, this game was heating up, and his finger tips were skimming the underwire of my bra.

I was breathing shallowly.

Where the hell was my roommate when I needed her?

Perfect time to interrupt!

I would be going home with this too-sexy-for-a-shirt-who-was-sadly-wearing-one-anyway-man if someone didn't stop our game.

No one came.

Our game continued.

I was now straddling sexy man's lap.

He was placing kisses on my neck.

I gave him a hicky.

He groaned into my throat, tangling a hand in my hair, tilting my head so his lips brushed mine when he said:

"Nervous, yet?"

I shook my head slightly, eyes lidded.

"Not even close, you?"

I retorted back, rubbing against him.

He laughed, then quickly bit my lip – causing me to gasp.

"Come on, let's continue this game…in a more privet place, hm?"

More privet?

More privet my ass, what's more privet than practically having sex in a dark corner?

While playing a highly sexual-tension filled game of Nervous?

I nodded my head.

We left.

The sun leaked lazily onto my skin, silk rubbing across my bareness in a cool, pleasant sensation.

I stretched, blinking lazily as my eyes flutter open.

Mm, it felt good to stretch out.

A warm hand suddenly caressed my left hip, a just as bare body pressing into my right side.


A husky, low, promise-of-sex voice trilled into my ears.

I turned my head to spot the oh-so wonderful stranger lying next to me.

"Hm? Only a bit…"

I flipped us so I was laying on top of him, our chest pressed together in a pleasant fashion.


I hummed back.

His smirk was anything but nervous as he said,



Woot3 so this popped into my mind and I had to write it^^! As you can see, this was just a fun little one-shot piece. Not made to really hold substance in its monologue way.

And so, if you are a reader of my other story, "Because Then I Met You"; don't worry, chapter five is on its way. I ran into a little case of writer's block, and then the filler chapter I came up with was…undesirable. So it's currently in my mind's operation room, and should be done shortly.

~~~~~~~Your Busy Writer,