My blood for a vampire

Torture me
My blood is a beverage for you
You can take it
Take what keeps me alive
I don't need it

I'd rather suffer a few minutes
Of excruciating pain
Than a lifetime of hurt

There's no need to feel bad
I'm a free meal for you
Just promise me you'll do it quick

Don't worry about me
I'll try not to scream or cry
Why give any reason for guilt?
You have my permission

Oh, it hurts more than I thought
But keep going
It feels better than life
Feels better than broken hearts

Catch that drop of blood
The one flowing down to my shoulder
From the wound on my neck

Hide my body
Don't forget that
I couldn't bear to see the pain
In the eyes of those who find it

Oh, I feel my life fading now
It's not as bad as people think
It starts to feel peaceful
Starts to feel like pain never existed

My body is feeling numb now
Hold me tight
Don't let me fall yet

I can feel it
The blood being sucked out of me
Everything is going black
Why is everything so dark?

My eyes finally closed
As you finished your final kiss
It was deadly, I'll tell you that
But my life, I won't miss