Hey, my name is Colt Thomas, and I'm a petty officer second class in the Republic Systems Alliance Navy. Let me fill you in on the past half century or so.

In 2104, a derelict ship lost in space was found caught in the orbit of Earth. Technology from this ship was found to be incredibly advanced, hundreds of years ahead of any human technology. The most impressive piece of hardware on the derelict ship, however, was something we've already had for a few hundred years, the engine.

This special engine could do a few things that engines we had at the time, couldn't. It was what is now known as a superluminal drive, allowing for travel faster than light.

Also on the derelict was star maps, all referencing what was as far as we knew, Pluto, along with other planets in other solar systems.

Now, it's 2168, and we all know the truth. Solar Gates, were built on planets throughout the galaxy. When a ship activated their superluminal drive (among other things) and was in close enough proximity to the Gate, the Solar Gate would activate and instantaneously transport it to another solar system.

Nobody knows who the derelict ship belonged to, nor do we know who built these gates. But in 2122, first contact was made. And we weren't the only ones to discover superluminal drives, or those Solar Gates.

Humans, now under the banner of the Republic Systems Alliance, were one of countless species apart of what is a sprawling alien empire encompassing the entire galaxy.

Every civilized species in the galaxy has three senators in what is a supranational entity simply known as the Imperium, with two councilors presiding over them all. The two councilors are voted into the position by the senators, and serve for a term of what is equal to 4.7 Earth years.

As powerful as it is, the Imperium's influence does not span the entire galaxy. Lawlessness, slavery, and piracy are rampant in what is the "eastern" part of the galaxy (eastern according to conventional star maps), a very large group of solar systems known collectively as the Nihil systems.

Due to the nature of the Nihil systems, not much is known about many of the solar groups or its planets. Which is probably why we were caught completely off guard when an alien race nobody even had heard of nearly took over the galaxy.