By K's Moonshadow

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other? ~ George Elliot

You tell me the world is not how I see it

That I am too naïve, too idealist, too liberal

I love too much, risk too much, believe too much

Slow down, you say

There's time for all of that later

Focus your priorities

You tell me I'll never change the world

That history just repeats itself

War, poverty, rallies, joy, suffering

Listen carefully, you say

There are mistakes you shouldn't repeat

Follow in our footsteps

I tell you honestly, I see your dismal 9-5 world

That I challenge its version of truth

You barely love your own, risk nothing of value and doubt everything

Keep up, I say

There are so many opportunities to miss now

Think small and that's all you'll achieve

I tell you that the world is teeming with change

That we have the chance to mold it presently

Hard work, fresh minds, energy, possibilities

Speak out, I say

There's wisdom in our hearts

Passion and dedication, above all love

You say we're too young

Maybe you're too old to remember

Look back, see the change you made

Look forward, watch us change today
Let us continue your journey

Stop sleeping!

Lose your callousness

Deny your resigned pessimism

Time doesn't wait

We act now