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Author's Note: I dug this story out of my closet a week or so ago, and discovered that the original draft of this had been written almost 3 years ago! I figured it was about time I posted something new on Fiction Press, so I revised and edited this over and expanded the "Black or Brown?" sequel into a multichapter story, which I hope you will get some sincere enjoyment out of.

Reading the first story, "Black or Brown?" is not necessary to understand what is going on, but then again, it's only a couple hundred words, and won't take too much time to read. This one, however, is the greater work in progress.

Black or Brown: Follow the Dreamer

By Underwaterwriter

Chapter 1: Just the Beginning

Before bedtime arrived, Selena already knew that she wouldn't sleep well that night-at least, not until Black was in her bed again. As she slipped under her covers, her wandering mind travelled back to the incident that occurred this afternoon at school, the one with the giant teddy bear, Beige. He had suddenly stormed into Selena's classroom while the students were doing math and took her beloved teddy bear named Black, claiming it was his. As she thought about this, her gaze travelled up towards her open window at the glowing full moon accompanied by a few twinkling stars. Most people would have considered her to be insane, but Selena knew that somewhere out there, Black was being held captive by Beige. She had to find him.

Slowly, Selena's lips smiled as a plan began to form in her head, knowing where to find her precious teddy bear, the one she'd kept since childhood. Now, she realized where to find Black. The smile stayed glued to her lips as she searched her bed for another stuffed animal. Now all she needed to find were her friends.


For once, Annette was feeling prepared for a good night's rest. All her homework had been completed down to its last scribble, and all in the nick of time as well. As she happily snuggled under the covers of her bed, she began to doze peacefully, and soon a relaxed sleep kicked in.

Just as she thought she had it, however, a voice cut into Annette's mind.

"Annette!" The voice spoke quietly in a sharp tone.

Startled, Annette's dream world eyes flew open, widening even more at the presence of Selena. "What are you doing in my dream?" Annette asked, doing her best to cover the annoyance in her voice.

"Your dream?" Selena replied with another question. "I didn't think you would notice." Pacing back and forth around Annette's room, she thrust her arm out to the side as though pushing the dialogue away. "But that's beside the point."

Annette sat up on the bed. "So what's up?" she asked intently.

Selena pursed her lips before answering. "Well…." she began. "I was in my room, thinking about how to get Black back-"

"You mean Brown," Annette interrupted, playfully poking Selena on the shoulder.

"No, I mean Black," Selena said in a serious tone. "Just because he's brown coloured doesn't mean he's named Brown, you know."

Sighing exasperatedly, Annette rolled her eyes. "Well, whatever," she said dismissively. "You were saying…?"

Selena thought about objecting to Annette's obscene remarks, but decided to just forget about them all together. "Anyways," she continued, emphasizing the word. "I was thinking about Black, and how to get him back, and I just figured out how we could do it!"

Now Annette was curious. "How?"

Together, the two friends gazed upon the twinkling dark sky.

"Up there…" Selena whispered.

Annette was oblivious. "Where?" she giggled. "In Dream Land?"

"Actually, that's exactly what I was thinking," Selena replied, grinning at her friend's helpful answer. There was silence between the two girls for a moment before Annette spoke.

"So that's what you woke me up in the middle of the night for?"

Instead of retorting back, Selena quietly gestured towards Annette's bed. Annette's eyes, following the gesture, could not believe what they saw. Curled up in a human ball lay a sleeping Annette.

"Wow," Annette breathed, intrigued by this odd phenomenon. "So I'm actually dreaming?"

"Yep," Selena responded cheerfully. "Now, shall we go over to Malina's house and wake her up as well?"

"Will she know?" Annette asked curiously.

Selena smiled. "We'll just have to wait and see!" she answered.

Annette smiled back. "Okay," she responded. She turned around and began to walk out of the bedroom door.

"Where are you going?" Selena called after her.

Annette gave her a strange look. "Outside, of course."

Rolling her eyes, Selena sighed loudly and grabbed her friend's hand. Annette gasped in surprise as the two began to sail through the closed window and out into the night, as though there were no barriers blocking them at all.

Annette was beginning to enjoy this. "Cool!" she exclaimed.

In utter satisfaction, Selena nodded, and the two pals began to sail towards Malina's house, the path now lit by a full moon and a multitude of twinkling specks.

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