"Okay children," their grandfather said. "Time for bed."

Rayne stuck her lip out in a childish pout and crossed her arms, but said nothing. Lilithe kept staring at her grandfather in awe.

"That would be cool, doncha think?" Damien said with a glimmer in his eye. "I want to find the treasure!" he stood up and pointed his fist in the air.

"I will find the treasure!" he said trying to sound majestic and important. "I profess-es-size-d it!" But failing.

"It's prophesied!" Lilithe corrected him with a poke. Damien glared down at her and stuck out his tongue. "Whatever." he made a face and crossed his arms, "I predicted it." he said with a pout, "So now it has to come true."

"That's not the way it works!" Lilithe screeched.

"Yes it is!" He told her determinably. Lilithe stood up to stand eye to eye with him.

"Your actually supposed to prophesies it!"

"I did!"

"No you didn't!" she informed him smugly. "You only said it."


All three of them looked over to their grandfather.

"Im sure you all can accomplish whatever you set your hearts upon."

"So I can find my treasure?" Damien asked hopefully.

"Yes." he looked Damien straight in the eye, "Maybe one day."

"Ha!" Damien triumphantly stuck his tongue out at his sister, who was looking miffed.

"Whatever," she said with an eye roll as she subconsciously eyed her younger brother, "I don't care."

Rayne yawned.

"Come, come children." their grandfather scooped up a protesting Rayne, "Enough. You little sister is tired. We'll continue this tomorrow, alright?"

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