A hideous woman

Looks at a picture,

Gazes at a picture,

The face she sees smiles

And she smiles back

Back at the picture,

Back to the picture,

And even though her face is twisted,

And her heart is twisted,

She yearns for him,

Yearns for his beautiful face,

She looks at her face,

Her hideous face,

And weeps

For he will never love her-

A young woman,

With a hideous face

And a heart twisted in love,

And while she is weeping

The man in the picture,

The beautiful man in the picture,

Looks through her window,

Gazes through

The hideous woman's


And his heart twists in love

Twists in love,

For the woman with the twisted face

He runs to her,

Runs for her,

And asks,

"Why cry?"

She replies with a voice like pepper,

A beautiful voice

Like pepper,

"how can anyone love me,

With this hideous face of mine?

How can a man look at me,

And see something divine?"

The man replied

With a voice like honey,

A wonderful voice

Like honey,

"I dare any man not to love you,

With this mysterious face of yours,

I'd rather spend time with you,

Than spend time with a beautiful bore,"

Their wedding was truly beautiful

A truly beautiful wedding,

But when night


The hideous woman's face,

Untwisted itself

For her heart was no longer twisted,

No longer twisted in love,

She was now a vision of loveliness,

A beautiful vision of loveliness,

When her husband saw her he was taken aback

As this beauty pranced before him,

What she had dreamed of her entire life,

Dreamed for her entire life,

Had come true

And now everything was perfect,

Wonderful and perfect,

But the handsome man searched

And couldn't find the woman he had loved,

The beautiful woman he'd loved,

All he saw was a silly girl,

Flirting and smiling.

So he journeyed far and never returned

To his beautiful wife,

Who wept,

Wept for her face,

And wanted to be hideous again.