AN: Hey guys. This is a story idea I got from a dream after watching Taken and reading a fic by SacreBleu which is called Moonlight and Roses and is an amazing fic. It is a bit different to what I usually write and I want to take a chance on this. So please, let me know what you think so far. Thank you


It was a good case to take at the time. The job was easy and the money was good. But I got greedy and Karma got bitchy.

I went through hell the past year. Sure, when I tell you this story you will think at first "You were treated like princesses, pampered and taken care of". Sure, we were... But you have no idea how we payed for our... Maintenance.

You think that the place you live in in is safe and secure. Nothing can harm you. Well, you're going to want to think again. Because these so called "Promises" that politicians make, are not promises... They are empty words that they think you want to hear. You think that the government that rules over you will keep the world a better place one empty promise at a time? Think again.

The world is desolate and fucked up. The people we see as our protectors aren't protecting us. They protect the money they earn from their shit job of corruption, deception, greed and smut. It was a sick world I entered. No one to protect me, or fight for me.

I had to do it on my own.