Finally Guother understood when he saw it. The climber's log had been right. The wind roared through the pass as Guother came up over the ridge and stopped. He saw it; the tail end of something black and horrible rising out a cleft in the ice. The wind bit into his face like cold fire. It had been from this spot that the terror originated.

It had happened to his team as well; the insanity, then the killings; so brutal and senseless, just as it was described in the climber's log. They didn't know how to combat such a thing until it was too late. Guother had found the log in the pack of the frozen climber; like a blessing from God Himself, the log gave him all the information he needed to stop anyone possessed by the Form; there was no other word for it.

The trick was to find the right sound decibel level, and signal strength of the simple scanning/communication device that had been issued to every member of Guother's team. This would be the only thing to turn anyone away from the Form's deadly embrace.

Guother's was operating now on his belt. He kept it on throughout the past two days ever since he discovered the truth; it made him feel safe. He also thought that it had saved his life at least a dozen times now, but that its power cell that was only meant for sporadic use wouldn't last forever. He had to get to the source of the Form and plant his last two blasting charges near it. He could very well be destroyed along with It, but Guother was intent in his mission. He couldn't allow anyone to be taken over by the Form ever again.

This would be the end of it or just the beginning of something even more terrible then what he had recently experienced. Guother tasted a bitterness in his mouth as he imagined then what would happen if he didn't succeed and they sent more and more of his kind to traverse the mountains. What if they actually got through to the other side possessed by the Form? If the pass was completed then travelers would be allowed through; hundreds- no, thousands infected by the Form . . . then the spread of the infection across the whole of the land bridge. He pushed these thoughts away, but only to the edge of his mind where they floated, staring at him across the distance with the promise of madness.

No, can't think that way; mustn't think that way.

Before he started down into the cleft that the ship was buried in he took his last water pill. Guother took a couple of deep breaths as he felt the water flood his body, hydrating it.

He then said a prayer and started down the snowy path as it snaked its way along the cleft's floor up to the hull of the ship from space.