90 years later

"…and this concludes our tour." The young tour guide turned around in the doorway of the house. "Thank you for coming." She smiled, holding open the door.

One of the tourists stayed behind after everyone left. "Are you related to the builder of this home?"

"No, I'm not, well not exactly," the dark haired girl explained. "Well, she was my great grandfather's foster sister."

"So she never married?"

"No," the guide and owner shook her head. "She never did."

It is a pity, isn't it. The guide sat down in one of the chairs. Her great, great uncle, so she had heard had never been quite right after he left her in France before the Great War. He had nearly died with sadness; even after he married a girl he had known all of his life. He had thought she would make him feel better, but they had divorced several years later, and he died soon after.

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