No one understands life, So why try? Just live.

And die.

Don't look back don't hesitate,

Just go forward, and live to break.

I wont care i'm just here to watch,

Like the hat on my head and the turn of the lock.

Drink the water, drink the wine,

Don't come back until your fine.

I see your back but not you shoes.

You wont be seen here like that again.

Your socks get dirty, You like them white,

I can't wash them, Get another wife.

My old white sweater had a hood

My old jewelry don't shine.

I cant give you all your food.

All the better to hide behind.

Does the air run out when you run?

I find it funny when thats all you say.

Gilded cage. Soda pop. I cant see though all that rock.

Under the hall, Inside the walls, Above the tree, Between the bed.

Forget the bee, Lets all drink lead.

I've never had a runners high, but i've been so tired I was wide awake.

The words are stuck in my head, but they wont come out.

Can I have a picture please?

No one can live like this. No one can Explore.

Shall I pick all the clothes up off the floor?

I can't stop my eyes. I see the demons I don't see.

Will you help me look, please?

Wheres the map?

The phone keeps ringing. The messages scream annoying thoughts.

Change your brain, change your mind, change your diet, change your dog.

How dare you stop eating.

I made it with love.

But what if I don't know what that means?

Sharp, House, Pool, Salmon. What do they have in common?

Nothing that I know of, But I had a dream.

I rose and rode and rode all night.

But I couldn't find my house.

Wheres my room wheres my home?

A bunny came and took it all.

Owls don't who.

They say why.

Red lights, turquoise. Whats the color of your nose?

The stories always repeat. I get tired.

Whats the purpose if your head doesn't explode?

The socks go grey, the sheets are red.

Get that color off my bed.

I cant control.

What happens in my head?

The only demons I see?

Their all afraid of me.

Well done! Test me! I can't tell you all I see.

How to say this? How to do this?

I cant explain myself to you.

Will this weakness mark me true?

Why are they always partial to untruth?

Under the land boils a well.

In this well lives a dragon.

He always tells the truth.

He's my personal friend.

Whats all this ruckus? Whats all this noise?

Why don't you live in a den?

This all rhymes in my head.

Why must we stutter? Whats our greatest fear?

We must try, we must Die.

Thats all staying on my floor.

Forget me not, forget me at all.

I wont forget to knock on your door.

Offer me water, offer me butter.

Which one will make me fatter?

A cup half empty, a cup half filled.

Filled with what my dear?

Oh, Nothing but my tears.

I wont touch that, I will cry.

Im so affected by my surroundings,

My silent time is never cool.

I must be burning all my fuel.

Its all gone. She will die.

Then where will we live?

Of course i'm the only one who listens,

But i'm so ingrate, I wont do anything about it.

Can you hear me? Can we make a difference?

So hard we try. I say we die.

The mountain fell, the words toppled past.

Why do we even listen to them?

My anger's run out, my hopes collapse.

The sidewalk is wet, and the rain is dry.

I never listen to myself.

My companions are crazy. My friends insane.

And I don't mean that in a good way.

I get up a whole hour early, and ignore the bed.

Favor the words inside my head.

The bed hangs there. Outside my door.

How dare he walk in shorts!

The post is full of,

The smell of heaven.

Just not when I put my nose to her hair.

Hold on for a moment, I need to fix my mop.

The red sings, the time flies, the electricity's wasting.

Oops, I closed that door.

I fell asleep inside my heart. My dreams soared beyond I could reach in time.

Maybe in heaven.

I despise it all. Can you forgive me?

I don't get it all.

Can I take my vengeance?

These coded messages. These between the lines.

Lucky I was always good at deduction.

Pick one version pick one type.

Then read it as well as you can understand.

Mark my words!

Mark my skin.

Don't they matter? Original sin?

My gaudy colors, I don't want to go simple.

This isn't the time to be scandalous.

Pour down my pen. Put down my ladle. Hear the music being written.

As the phone rings and you forget.

What if its all a dream?

And your reality is perception? Why cant we fly? Why is there science?

The chemistry collapses, I make my own rules, this doesn't even count.

The dog lays down. The birdie sings.




Lets all sing a sorrowful song.

The stones all stood on edge.

I never saw. But I certainly wish I did.

Sleep in the books. Why did she weep? I cant believe she's so sweet.

Treat them right. They're my friends.

Even if they don't exists.

Come again?

I really don't understand.

Hotel of what?

The lunacy was why i'm so attracted to yellow.

The wine is clean. The smoke trails out.

Do what you want, don't silence my ears.

I hate the world. Lets start another.

As she curled around you. Don't you wish she had wings?



What do feathers mean?

Find what your looking for?

I cant go.

I must fall asleep.

Be framed.

Be crimed.

Slander thy name.

Then I must move.

My spirit drinks spirits.

Row row away.

They all fall down.

Spike the punch.

This happens.

When do I change?

Am I a woman?

Or shall I drive?

My ratio is unbalanced.

Don't you hate homework?

Care to sign a petition?

I dreamt I revolved.

Yin & Yang.

Which one is me?

Shall I scream and yell?

Yet my skull broke either way.

Live life as it comes.

It wont get any better,

And since I don't understand.

Ill just eat pizza.

And check in.

I wrote this poem after I blew up over my mother moving my stuff around in my room. It was a great way to blow off steam! Never imagined myself as a poem writer, (I actually tried writing poems once, they sucked) So this came as a surprise, but I like it! I guess its a little random, but I was totally crying and being hormonal during this time. I actually have some leftover lines, but this is where it ends. Cuz it just... ends. My favorite line would have to be 'I feel asleep inside my heart, and my dreams flew farther than I could reach.' It really means something to me, but its personal so unless you care to guess... im not telling you.

REVIEW PLEASE! I want to know what you people think! I WOULD MEAN A LOT TO ME.