I had nearly forgotten the girl when she called me a month later and requested asylum in my home for a few hours. My apartment was actually spotless outside my bedroom -the result of tweaker cleaning- and I was almost always welcome to guests, so I told her my address and set about making screwdrivers and hot chocolate. I heard a tentative tapping on my door in half an hour, and moved away from the couch to undo the four locks that held my door shut.

She looked somehow surreal against the dim light coming from my home. I must have looked like a total mess because her eyes were wide and nervous. Makeup was smeared around her eyes, looking like she had been rained on. I opened the door wide enough to allow her entrance and redid all the locks behind her.

The second I turned around she was throwing her arms around me, crying silently. I guessed the proper reaction was to hold her while she cried, so I did for a few minutes, and then I sat her down on the couch and handed her a ceramic cup of hot chocolate. She stared at me for a long moment before speaking, "I'm sorry for crying and whatnot, but thank you for this. I appreciate your generosity."

I smiled, "Whatever you need. Would you be offended if I told you I have forgotten your name?"
She laughed a little, then said simply, "Phoenix."
"Phoenix," I tried the name, loving the sheer elegance of it, "My name is Aiden."
She was silent for a long moment, sipping at the warm drink in her hands before setting the cup down on the coffee table and stared intently into my eyes. Her irises were a light blue with a darker ring around the pupil.
"Will you, um," Phoenix bit her lip. I moved closer to her, put my arm around her. "What do you need?" I asked.
"I need to," she paused, "um, you know, find a place to stay for a while. I was living above this ba- uh, cafe' and basically being the wine slave, and then I got fired, so now I'm out and my mom, she um." She paused again, chewing on her lip, "I was thinking maybe I could stay with you?"
I heard myself instantly say, "Of course." Her eyes were almost hypnotic and she was very close to me now. Suddenly her lips were on mine and her hand was on my thigh. I found myself kissing her back and laying her down on the couch, running my hands over her slim, malnurished body and kissing at her neck. Next thing I knew she had wriggled both of us out of our clothes and we were on my bed, though I did not remember walking there. Her head was between my legs, pleasuring me in ways I never thought possible. She had luscious lips, a hot tongue, and willing throat. Too soon she stopped and looked up at me. I kissed her and rolled on top of her slight form. She wrapped her legs around me and then I was grinding against her, slowly but with all the force I could muster. As I gazed down at her, Phoenix's face changed slightly, her hair becoming curly and red for a moment as opposed to straight and black. It was only for an instant and then she was on top of me, slamming her hips against mine as I let myself release the load I'd been holding back. She smiled and continued grinding on me even as she slit my wrists.