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Musings of a Bored Writer: Pandora's Jar

Pandora's Jar

jar of nightmares

and daydreams errant

sent as a gift

sealed on a shelf

and forbidden to prying eyes and sneaking hands

you know, it's almost

as if you wanted her to open it

and release the terrors sealed within

godly chessmaster-tyrant

watching from afar

and laughing

as you direct the earth-hewn pawns

in this game divine

Author's Note: Yes, the myth originally mentions a jar, not a box. No creative license there.

I must admit I was drawing a blank on the title for this one, which is why this one is so ridiculously bland. Bad author. Bad.

I've posted up a new chapter of Charming, my foray into the world of fairytales and fantasy.

Poetry Rule in full effect.

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