I opened my eyes, and looked up at him. What had just happened? Had he just…kissed me? How could that happen? What was going on? This wasn't supposed to happen. We were both friends. Friends don't kiss each other, especially when one of those friends is dating someone else. All friends are supposed to do is hang out and talk. This was definitely not talking.

Still I couldn't hide that tingling feeling in my stomach that was traveling up through my toes and my knees. I could feel my head starting to feel light and my body weightless. What was worse, I wanted to do it again. I wanted to lean back in and kiss him again, just as he had to me before.

"Joe…," I started, quietly. "What…?"

"I…I know," Joe replied to me, his face hard and fixed on mine.

I let myself breathe again as he looked down to his shoes. His hands were still holding mine though, very gently and softly. I waited for him to look back up and say something. It was a few more minutes before the silence broke.

"I'm sorry," Joe said softly, looking at me. "I shouldn't have—,"

"No!" I exclaimed quietly. "No…it was nice,"

I saw his lips part in a smile very quickly and his eyes flicker. He looked at me, his face not serious anymore, just soft, and looking at me. One of his hands let go of mine and slowly, he set it on the side of my face. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear, and smiled at me.

"Is it wrong?" he asked. "Us?"

I smiled lightly, biting my bottom lip. "I don't think so," I said quietly. "I think it's kind of…awesome,"

He chuckled at me softly, and then met his eyes with mine again. He took a hold of my chin and tilted it slightly towards his face. Then, he leaned in and kissed me again, just as he had before. I smiled as we did and slowly, my hands wrapped around his neck.

I hadn't known it, but this was what I had been waiting for for the last twelve years.

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