This Game

You don't realize what lies

In between the lines.

You don't know what it is that you feel,

You don't know how to heal,

And now nothing else is real,

And you don't know how to deal

With this hurt you can't reveal.

So you walk out in the rain

Stand up tall,

Hide your shame,

You look around,

You wonder who else

Plays this game.

But you know

That even though you're not the same,

You still feel each others' pain.

And you kind of sort of feel a bit lame,

You wonder why no one knows your name,

And inside there is a flame,

It is the beast you cannot tame.

It is trying to make a claim

On who you are,

Trying to leave scars,

And it's so bizarre,

That you're so far

From yourself.

You can't think straight

You're crazy at this rate,

And now it's too late

For you to save yourself

From that thing you hate.