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The siren screamed past Lilly's bedroom window filling it with an intense blue light. "God damn it! There goes my train of thought!" she said throwing her pen down hard onto the desk. She was hoping to have her coursework done for Monday especially as she didn't have to go visit her grandma. She had promised herself and her mother that she would visit her sometime in the week to make up for not going to see her.

Lilly looked at the clock. It was flashing 3:00pm. She groaned as she remember that she was supposed to put the time right after the black out but never got round to doing it. Checking her watch she noticed that it was approaching 11 o'clock, which meant she had been working for 7 hours with only a break for dinner. She looked at the page she had been working on and where she still had only got the first paragraph written.

Lilly looked from the page to her bed and back to the page again, and dived onto her bed. As she dozed off slowly she wondered where her mum was. "She and dad are probably downstairs talking. I'm sure I heard the door a minute ago " she thought to herself.

It was two in the morning when the doorbell rang. Lilly had woken up with a large pit in her stomach. She would never know what made her get up and slowly creep to the top of the stairs. Through the frosted glass door she could
make out the uniform of two police officers. She held onto the banister rail as if her life depended on it.

"Mr Wright?" the policeman asked.

"Yes?" Her father's voice was shaking to match the rest of his body.

"May we come in?"

"Yes, is there something I can do for you?" The police officers exchanged glances.

"I think that you should sit down Mr Wright. We have some bad news."

Lilly was perfectly still as she listened to the news from the top of the stairs, the only indication of her true feelings was that she was holding onto the banister rail so tightly that her knuckles had turned white. She had a lump in her throat.

When the officers had gone she went into the living room to see her dad. He was sitting in a chair with a white face and a blank expression on his face. He smiled when he saw Lilly, who ran up to him and hugged him. For some reason Lilly couldn't cry she just kept on "This isn't happening, this isn't happening!"

The next day was a Saturday and Lilly was dropping everything to go see her mum in hospital. Lilly had never liked hospitals. They were too white and un-feeling, they smelled of the sick and disinfectant. The fact that her mother was in such an un-homely place made her want to be sick. Lilly's mum Jessica had been walking back from her mother's house when someone who was driving too fast had hit her. Her condition was, as Lilly understood it, very bad, and although the doctors didn't say it there was very little chance of her surviving her injuries. Lilly had spent all day holding her mother's hand as she lay helplessly in the hospital bed.

This is a dream. In a couple of minutes I'm going to wake up and this is all going to have been a very bad dream. Mum will wake me up and I'll start work on that piece of coursework and everything will be O.K. Lilly thought.

Lilly put her head on her mum's bed and tried to get a little sleep. She hadn't slept at all last night she had just lay there unable to sleep, just focusing on what had happened to her mother, trying to imagine the scene when the police got there.

She fell asleep and started to dream.

I'm sorry mum but I can't go to see grandma with you I've got this big coursework project for English to do and if I don't do it for Monday I'll be in big trouble. Look I promise that I'll visit her sometime later in the week.

It's OK I understand I'll explain to Mamma she'll understand Jessica kisses Lilly and grabs her coat and with a smile walks out through the door and says "Goodbye".

There is a loud drawn out beep .

Lilly wakes up. The noise is still there.


In response to her cries the nurse comes in and calls the doctors. She takes Lilly out practically dragging her away. All Lilly can see is a team of doctors swarming around her mother.


It was only about a week since that day at the hospital, although it seemed like months to Lilly. The funeral had been the previous day.

Lilly had gone to the funeral but just couldn't bear it. She couldn't believe that it was actually happening. She was still convinced that she was dreaming. Lilly had closed her eyes when she walked into the church. It was cold and gave her an impression of loss, grief and depression. Opening her eyes she could see why. It was dark, dismal and smelled musky. It was damp from all the rain, which had happened recently. After about a minute it had been too much for her.

She had just taken the car keys from her father then walked out and sat in the car. Something kept nagging at her about when she left the church. It was someone sitting all alone at the back of the church. She hadn't seen them clearly, but felt sure it was someone she knew from school, someone in her class. She wondered what was he doing there.

There had been a newspaper article about the crash, which she hadn't managed to bring herself to read. Lilly was too angry, not just at the person who had caused the accident, but also at herself! She felt that if she had gone with her mother then they would have gone home earlier so she could do her coursework and then Jessica wouldn't have been hit ... She had told her dad this but he told her that she was being silly, that it would have made no difference except that Lilly herself would probably be dead as well, if not seriously injured. But she wouldn't listen.

Lilly, who was staying in bed all day so that she wouldn't have to face the reality that her mother was dead. Not, as she tried to convince herself, at work or out doing the shopping, but dead. Her dad who was out talking to some friends of her mothers, had left the newspaper with an article about the accident on the desk in the computer room. He had read the thing so many times that it was dropping apart and Lilly had the feeling that he was trying to keep her from seeing it. She picked up the disintegrating article and read it. Half way through she dropped the paper, putting her hand to her mouth. It said that the driver involved in the accident was under age and that due to mitigating circumstances, which the police would not divulge, no charges were to be made. All he had to do was visit a counsellor. The article also included two photos one was of Lilly's mother; the other was a class photo with the boy circled and with Lilly circled. She now knew the boy who had killed her mother, and who had been at the back of the church. It was Adam Thomson.

Eventually Lilly and her father decided it was time for her to go back to school. It was too important for her future for her to miss so much of school, and her father made sure that her teachers were told about her situation.

Abbey was waiting at the school gates for her friend Lilly. She was worried for her and up in till yesterday she thought that Lilly would never come back to school. She was genuinely worried about Lilly whose voice was beginning to lack emotion and that was really terrifying for them all. Lilly had always been the one who never got mad and cheered up anyone who was depressed, Abby and the others would be lost without her. They wouldn't know how to cheer her up.

What was troubling Abby the most was the fact that today they both had the same lessons as Adam. Her mother had told her about how Lilly's dad was trying to keep the article away from her. But Abby knew that someone at school was sure to mention it to her and that Lilly would (for the first time in her life) lose her temper.

Abby looked at Lilly as she got out of her father's red Peugeot 305. She had bags under her usually sparkling green eyes and her mouth was poised in a depressed grimace. Her long brown hair was following the same pattern as the rest of her figure. Dull and dismal.

As Lilly drew closer to Abby she gave her a small smile although her eyes remained blank. They walked up to the Maths block slowly together.

"How are you feeling?" Abby asked cautiously.

"As well as I can be expected to be seeing as some stupid idiot killed my mother. You don't have to treat me like glass you know. Though I expect I'm gonna have to get used to it seeing as everyone knows what's happened and why I'm gonna be moping around the school for a while. I just hope that Adam and his gang of friends keep away from me cause I don't know if I'm gonna be able to control my anger for much longer." Lilly whispered through gritted teeth, making Abby look at her in shock.

How did she find out? Was Abby's only thought.

They walked in silence the remainder of the way then stood in silence as they waited for their other friends.

Lilly hated the way people where looking at her. She could only guess what they were thinking. She knew that some of the more stuck up people would be thinking about how terrible she looked and that some of the more intelligent people where thinking about how upset and depressed she must be feeling. Then Lilly saw him. Sulky and hunched over like a vulture. Adam. She realised that her feet were trying to carry her towards him but Abby and Jen's hands were stopping them for carrying out their mission.

"Lilly, you don't know the whole story." Jen said gently.

"Look, promise me that you'll just stay away from Adam. He's had a hard enough time as it is without you going up to him and exploding like the emotional bomb you have become. Lill? Did you hear me?" Abby was talking to her like a three year old and that made Lilly's temper even worse.

"Whose side are you lot on anyway?! After what he did to me I'm surprised that he's got the guts to show his face! " Lilly screamed

"Lilly! Look we're all on the side of reason O.K.! Now promise me that you'll stay away from him!" Abby said her brown eyes flashing with anger at herself for not taking Lilly inside as soon as she got here.

Lilly finally gave in and after nodding her head shook herself out of her friends grasp.

Lilly didn't know how, but the first hour of school went by quickly without her even realising it. She managed to cope by daydreaming. She could keep one ear on the discussion in class while she went over the same scenes over and over again in her mind. Occasionally Miss Clarke would ask her a question, which she automatically answered correctly. At lunch her friend's were extraordinarily quiet. But when they did talk the canteen went unusually quiet. Lilly presumed that they all wanted to know more about what had happened to Lilly's mother. Her tutor had told her that the headmaster had told each year in assembly what had happened and said that if any one asked Lilly or Adam any questions about what had happened he would be personally making up their punishment.

Their first lesson after lunch was English and Lilly knew this was the one lesson that Abby was particularly dreading seeing as they sat extremely close to Adam. She was right to. As soon as the lesson had begun Lilly and Abby got into an argument. This wouldn't have been too bad if Abby had realised that just after they had finished Lilly began to march off towards Adam again. She made a grab for Lilly, but missed. She couldn't her what Lilly was saying to Adam but she could see Lilly's face. It burnt brightly with rage. Adam looked terrified. Then it came.

"You're nothing short of a MURDERER!" Lilly screamed. Her voice was shaking wildly. Lilly then ran out of the class her hands over her eyes.

The cool air out side the classroom helped Lilly's temper to cool down. She could feel a familiar lump forming in her throat. Half of her was thinking, "I shouldn't have done that! " The other half was thinking, "He killed your mother, he deserved it!" She had her eyes closed so only heard the classroom door opening and felt someone's hand firmly but kindly on her shoulder, and the sent of soft perfume. Lilly looked up into the kind eyes of Miss Smith who was smiling calmly at her.

"I'm so sorry Miss, I don't know what came over me. I just got so mad."

"Don't worry about it. I think you should apologise to Adam though. After the lesson would be best. I think that you should stay out here to cool down. I'll send you a book to read while you do and then when the lessons over I'll send some one to come and get you."

"Would you mind if I talked to you personally after the lesson?"

"Of course not Lilly. If you think that it'll help." With that she returned to the classroom returning with a book and gently maneuvering Lilly into an empty classroom.

"Just remember Lilly, there are always two sides to every story." Miss Smith smiled at her as she left the room. Lilly stared at the door puzzled by Miss Smith's words.
To Lilly the rest of the lesson seemed to fly by. Before she knew it one of Adam's friends Mark McGee entered wearing a careful smile.

"Hey." He said in the same careful way, as most people seemed to be talking to her.


"Miss Smith told me to talk to you. About, you know, Adam."

"What about him?" Lily said almost spitting venom at the thought of him.

"Look I know that you're upset but so's Adam. He just lost his mother to." Mark said severely, his smile gone.

"What do you mean?"

"It's along story which begins two years ago. Adam told me to tell you it. That is if you want to hear it of course. Do you?" Lilly nodded as Mark raised his bushy eyebrows.

"Two years ago Adam's parents split up. He was never told why. But he had to stay with his dad because his mother moved away without telling them where she was going. Adam was heart broken. Then no more than a month ago his mother got in contact with them and moved back to Nottingham. In the end his parents patched things up and his mother agreed to move back in with them. The night your mother died, was the day when she was due to move back in.

Adam walked round to her house. He was going to help her pack all of her things and then they would drive back to Adam's house. But that didn't happen. When Adam got there he opened the door with the key she had given him, and shouted around for her. He got no reply. He knew that she hadn't cleared off again 'cause all of her stuff was still in her rented house. He ended up going upstairs. He found her in her bedroom in bed. She looked asleep. Her went over to wake her up but when he touched he realised that she was stone cold and stiff. He checked her pulse and found that his worse fear had come true. She was dead.

From what he told me he was in shock. He grabbed her things, which she had packed up, and her car keys. Climbed in and drove off. With the result being, well you know. He felt so bad about what had happened that he went to your mother's funeral. Alone.

Adam's mum had died immediately. The doctor said that she had had a severe stroke which she had no hope of surviving. Adam never got to say goodbye to her. He not only feels guilty for your mother's death but his own mother's too. He's falling apart and he has become withdrawn from his friends and the rest of his family. He's not only ruined his own life but he fears that he has ruined yours too." Lilly sat there perfectly still, a blank expression on her face, which was drained of colour. The room was silent.

"Is that all?" She asked her voice as blank as her eye's which were staring straight a head. Mark nodded carefully. "That's no excuse." She walked out of the room Mark staring after her.

The English room was empty except for Miss Smith and Lilly's things. Her teacher gestured for her to sit down. Lilly did this, her head swimming with the story she had just been given.

"Did Mark talk to you?" Lilly nodded not trusting herself to talk. Miss Smith looked at her making Lilly look down at the table. "I've been thinking Lilly. Do you want to know what I think?" She nodded again. "I think that it was too soon for you to come back to school that's what I think. I also think that you need to get counselling. You've had a big loss and without it you won't get on with your life. I've got the secretary to call your dad. He should be waiting in the office for you." Lilly made a move to get her things. Her hand was on the door handle when Miss Smith spoke to her again. "Here, Lilly." She handed her a letter. "Give this to your dad. Kay?"


She and her dad sat in silence on the way home. Never wanting to talk. The pain of what had just happened to her was still fresh. She felt the car stop and realised she was home. Her father looked at her and gave her a halfhearted smile and squeezed her hand. She took her hand away from his. Looking away from him, she quickly got out of the car and ran upstairs to her room where she quickly feel into a dreamless sleep.

The next few days were the worst for Lilly. She couldn't get the image of Adams mother laying motionlessly in her bed stiff and grey. She knew what she had to do to remove the guilt she felt towards herself and the anger she felt for Adam.

On that Friday, she grabbed her coat and told her father that she was going to get some fresh air. Slowly and nervously she began to walk towards Adam's house. She knew he would be home, as Abby had phoned her on the Wednesday telling her Adam had also started avoiding coming to school.

She got to Adam's house and with her shaking hand reached up and pushed the doorbell. "What am I doing here?! What will this solve?" Her whole body was shaking as she heard the latches click and the keys jangle in the lock.

"May I come in? I promise I won't have another stress at you. I really need to tell you something." Lilly said quickly as she saw Adam's grave and deeply lined face poke through the front door. Adam nodded and opened the door.
She followed him into the living room after he had locked the door.

"Look I'm sorry about the way I yelled at you the other day. Mark told me about what happened. I had no idea. If you had told me I might have been nicer and more understanding."

"I tried to but whenever I tried to talk to you, you just ignored me. I also tried to apologise to you but I knew that you wouldn't listen let alone accept it.
I'm sorry, and I know how you must feel. There I said it, It's up to you now" Adam sounded like he was ready to burst into tears. Lilly blinked furiously to try and stop the tears she could feel surfacing in her eyes. The lump in her throat was back.

"I thought... I thought I couldn't forgive you but... But knowing what has happened and what you have also been through, I under stand and forgive you. I also hope that we could become friends 'cause I think we can help each ... other..." Lilly Snuffled and put her hands over her eyes and for the first time since her mother had died she began to cry. Adam hugged her and began to cry himself. Lilly realised that not only had she made a life long friend but she had finally accepted her mother's death.