And there it is
Referring to silence
The groups voices
Remain so vacant
And you think to yourself
About how much you love this


The sounds . . . don't miss it
The noise . . . don't want it
The atmosphere . . . don't need it
You see nothing good that you missing

Then you notice
Something is amiss
In your world of
Solitary bliss
And you feel it
Creeping in
And you sense that
You can't win
Its too late that
You notice
Slipping in
And something tells you
Its about to begin
You know that
They are about to invade in

They taking your space
And they changing your taste
You're losing your place
They dictating your fate

No matter how you try
You just can't escape

One last moment
Is all you can take
With you as they
Pull you away

So mark it down
This was your last day
Of owning
Your individuality
As they mold you
So you can join in their reality
And they say
That you shouldn't worry
Cause it was
Always an eventuality