The Dealer Next Door – Chapter 2

I heard the familiar sound of a car revving up in front of a house, two nights later. Normally there would be nothing wrong with this, but since it was 2:30 am, it was strange. I was expecting it though. I had a plan. It was a different car this time, I would cause him to lose his deal. The bastard did NOT deserve that money. Dealing was wrong, in my eyes, and the eyes of the law.

"Yeah, that's $300 for the E there, and $60 for the weed." I strained to hear what they were saying. It was time to start my plan. I opened the front door, loudly, and then turned on the front porch light, and looked directly at the deal.

"SHIT!" yelled the man in the car, and grabbed the stuff from my neighbors hands, and sped off, my neighbour running after the car, yelling and swearing at him. One of the bad guys had gotten away… Without paying, apparently, for his drugs. Oh well, at least he didn't benefit from the "deal".

I walked out onto the road. The car had made a quick getaway.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!" Nick yelled, grabbing my shoulders, and giving me a little shake, scaring me, apparently popping up from nowhere.

I said nothing, scared.

"You just ruined my deal," he said, in a different voice, painfully calm and smooth. He looked at me with intense eyes, and let go of me.

I took a step backwards, scared of his response.

"Oh no you don't!" he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, "You have to pay for what you did. That money was important!"

"Yeah? To pay for something illegal?" I hurled back, yanking my wrist free.

"None of your business" he said, childishly back, and continued, "You have to help me get it back!"

"Forget it. I'm not doing anything illegal" I said, and walked towards my house.

He grabbed my waist and spun me round, then put both hands on my cheeks, staring into my eyes, with an annoyed look, "You. Have. No. Choice."

My heart was beating like I was running a marathon.

Nick never bothered me for ruining his drug dealing for a whole week. Lucky me.

Meanwhile, I was facing my own problems; My best friend Kaitlin had stayed over and seen 'a gorgeous chocolate skinned god who lived next door'. Oh joy! So with my best friend Kaitlin practically in love with everyone's favorite drug dealer, I had two dramas to deal with. Well, I did have one, until nick decided it was time for me to start my "work".

"I'm so glad you have a pool, Quinn, I'm super excited for sum- HOLY DOOLEY!" she whispered.

"WHO is THAT?" she pointed next door to where nick was taking off his shirt, and mowing the lawn. He looked over at us, and smiled back. Kait waved, and I gave him the finger.

"Some douchey new next door neighbour" I replied, floating one my back in the water.

"He's amazing. A sort of, chocolate god!" she replied, "I want him." She stated.




"No, seriously, tell me?" she pleaded.

"Well, I just think he's… he's a…he's got a girlfriend!" I said, congratulating me for my quick wit.

Kait looked unhappy- but she had a glint in her eye I did NOT like..

I tried to cheer her up with plans for the weekend.

"You know, Brent's having a massive birthday party this weekend, and he told me that we're both invited!" I chided, trying to make Kait cheer up.

"Oh, yeah that's pretty cool, he's got a mad house!" she soon cheered right back up, at the mention of all the hot guys that would be going to the party, and about getting some hot dresses to wear.

I sat by the pool, facing away from Nick's next-door, and dipped my legs in the water. Why was he causing such a problem in my street! Aarghh!

Kaitlin, coming up behind me, unnoticed as I was lost in thought, pushed me straight into the water. I could see her laughing as I fell backwards into the water in slow motion. Argh! Kaitlin could be so annoying when she wanted to be. But that was why I loved her. She was so spontaneous. I ducked under the water after recovering, and pulled her in too…

"How far till we get there?" Kaitlin said, opening a bottle of passion pop, as we walked towards Brent's house, walking a little ahead of me; excited and bright eyed. I'm guessing she was going to find someone to make up for her failed crush on a certain drug dealing neighbour.

"Um, pretty sure it's the next left?" I said back, twisting my hair in my hand and smoothing it over my shoulders. I picked up pace to catch up with my overly excited friend.

Sure enough, rounding a few more corners we soon heard loud bass coming from Brent's house, and that the party was in full swing.

We walked up the driveway where Brent was standing with a list at the entrance to his backyard. "Names please?" he said, and looked at us.

"Oh my god Brent, I've known you since I was 13." Kaitlin said in disbelief, "its me and Quinn!"

"Sounded better in my head" Brent mused, crossed us off his list and we walked into his backyard, holding hands. His backyard was a sea of people. We were a little late to the party and mostly everyone was there. Kids from our year, kids from the year below, and…Nick? What was he doing here? What a fuckwit.

I steered Kaitlin clear from her little crush and we met with the rest of our group and sat near the palm tree in his backyard.

"QUUUIIIINNNNN!" Tyson bellowed, gulping some beer, "youuuu cameee laaateeee, whhyyy ffffooorr?" Obviously very, very, very drunk. Trust.

"Hey Tyson!" I gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat on his lap. There was nowhere else to sit. He rested his head on my back, like the drunkard he was. I had known Tyson for ages, my first ever friend. Even though it may have looked like something was going on between us, I knew nothing was and never ever would. It just wasn't like that. I casually scanned the crowd, and saw Nick looking at us, but quickly turned his head away. Douche.

"Yeah, we took too long getting ready" I said, and patted him on the head, 'drunk already, it's not even 10 yet!" I laughed. Tyson laughed. Kaitlin laughed. We all laughed.

"Yeah that's pretty much guaranteed for you aye Quinn?" Casey poked me on the arm. Casey. Sweet girl. Met her in year 9, been mates ever since.

'So where's Simone?" I asked her. Simone was her girlfriend.

"She had to work tonight. Shame aye, since it's such a good party already!" Casey and Simone were the cutest couple ever. It was adorable how cute they were. I envied them.

Brent stumbled past, and I took my chance. "Hey buddy, can I put my bag in your room?

"Sure, all good, you know where it is" he replied, blowing me a kiss.

I quickly walked up the stairs into his bedroom, and stashed my purse under his mattress. If anything was stolen, as there were a lot of bags in here, they wouldn't look under the mattress. I hoped.

I walked back down to the backyard, and sat back on Tyson's knee. He was comfortable after all!

I caught Brad looking at me quite a few times, I'm not sure whether that was me, or we just both were sitting in that awkward position where you look at someone a little too much. He was cute anyways, and smiled a little when our eyes met.

We sat there for a while, just chilling and chatting. I was growing restless. I was a little bored and some of the double blacks I had drunk were clouding me head, just a tiny fraction. I was tipsy. Just a tiny bit. I grabbed Kait's hand and we stumbled to the dance floor which was inside Brent's house and requested a few songs. We started to dance holding hands and moving our bodies to the rhythm of the music. It was fun and exhilarating.

Brad came and tapped me on the shoulder, and smiled at me.

"Wanna dance?" he yelled.

"Sure" I yelled back.

We danced apart for a little bit, copying each others dance styles, which was my sprinkler moves, joking around to hard hitting dance tracks. Then the mood of the music changes to a still dance track, but not like as extreme as before. More of a 'couples dance song' but not a slow dance as such. Brent placed his hands on the small of my back and pulled me in closer. It was nice. He didn't pull me into him, but we danced a few inches apart, with his hands on my waist, and mine on his shoulders.

He was so sweet, and didn't try anything with me. Just the way I liked it: if a guy came on too strong at a party or wherever, it freaked me out. I looked at his face and he was smiling like a loon. I smiled back, and looked over my shoulder at everyone else. Kaitlin was just standing there, drinking some kind of vodka, and watching me. She gave me thumbs up, and pointed towards a familiar chocolate skinned god. Nick. She winked at me, and went outside to "have a smoke" like he was.

Brad and I danced for a bit more, and kissed me on the cheek when I had had enough dancing, using the 'I need to go to the bathroom excuse'.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I was flushed. Brent had gotten me all excited! I needed more foundation.

I legged it back upstairs, and into Brent's bedroom, passing Kaitlin, who was now smoking with Casey. I thought she was smoking with Nick? OH well. Anyways, the stair trip was quite difficult for me as I was a little tipsy and a little of my energy had been drained from dancing with Brad, so it took me a little while to get up the stairs.

"So that's $200 for the E." I heard a voice. Nick. Who else.

I pushed open the door and saw who else but Nick dealing to some kid I recognized from my English class last year.

"At it again I see there, Nick?" I said smugly, and walked over to them.

"This is none of our business, chick, get out.' He stated and went back to making his deal.

"I have a name, dickhead. Use it" I snapped back.

The buyer looked a little put off, but he handed over the $200 and walked out, leaving me and the scary druggie alone.

"Thanks. Nearly ruined my deal. Thankfully, not this time" he said, stashing the money in his pocket and cracked his finger knuckles.

'You do know he's underage and it's illegal anyways?" I said back as he was leaving the room. Well, leaving the room, more like, closing the door!

He closed the door and moved towards me. Fuck, I'm going to get raped!

"Yes" he said

"And you have no problems dealing and smoking the shit" I replied, backing away from him, and moving towards, well, trying to move towards the door.

"Yes, no problems"

"Then why do you do it? Aren't you scared you're going to get caught?" I countered, shocked.

He was just standing there, simply. Not coming any closer, or backing away. I was held in a trance. He was so beautiful. His dark, dark skin reminded me of chocolate and warmth. His eyes were a dark mocha brown. You could tell he was one of those guys who took really good care of their bodies. He had nice arms showing through his shirt.

"What are you even up here for anyways?" You following me?" he had a laughing glint in his eyes.

"You know what?" I held up my middle finger, "Fuck you. I'm getting foundation."

I moved over to the bed and rummaged under the mattress for my purse, which was thankfully there with everything inside, that I had left in there, my phone and money and Maccas half price card being kept on my person at all times. I pulled out my foundation, and moved over to the mirror in Brent's room.

I applied it gently, and sparingly.

"You don't need it. You have good skin already…" nick said randomly, still in the room. I thought he had left.

"Um, thanks I guess, ya hobo." I tried to joke. There was a random kind of tension in the air. I didn't like it. At all.

"Joint?" nick said, sitting on the bed and rolling one up, "Wanna try it, miss high and mighty?"

"No thanks, I don't wanna die." I walked over to the bed, and put my foundation back in the bag. Nick stood up, facing me. Too close for comfort.

"Don't even think of taxing anything. I know where you live" I said seriously.

He just laughed. "You're a strange one"

"What the fuck's that meant to mea-"

Nick had pulled my face to his and was kissing me!

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