Tiny Heart

I wish on the stars that I thought
could contain them. I wanted to tell
them my secrets; whisper my darkest
nights to them so they can
shine against it. Prep me for
making it through; I see your
face, and I fall in love all
over again. But...

Each time I reflect on you, I
feel my heart sink low. It latches
on to the hopeless pieces of me,
flounders about until it's
comfortable, and sits. Waits
until I don't feel like moveing,
talking, thinking-just aching.
Aching until morning when
the sun shines throught.
Then starts over.

The mirror's been so shallow;
I just want to see you.
Feel what it feels like
to have your fingers casually
slide down my arms. Let your
eyes devour mine in the sweetest
silence. Let me fall in love;
you're the only one I've known
That's let me fall this

So catch me then! Regardless
if it'll end up being a mistake.
One time being i your arms will
make me last until I need to move
on. One look into your eyes, and
I'll know love is out there.
And it's real; just between
someone else and me. I hate
irony; I fucking hate it.
Finally perfection comes
along, and it's perfect.
And real...but not destined.
Not destined between us.