Ain's POV

Ain watched as Erina's face froze and a pleasing grin graced her face. He had seen her face before the grin and knew that it was a façade. At school, she smiled nearly all the time. Once, some girls had tried to start some mess with her and all she did was grin, tell them off, and sashay away with her boys falling into place behind her as usual. From that day on, she became known as the baddest chick in Riverwright High School.

And the sexiest.

Every guy up in the place wanted to get with her but only on the low. The six boys she kicked it with were the bosses of the school. You mess with Erina, you would be wearing your butt as a hat, no doubt. Never mind the fact that the girl was a black belt in karate, a master in kickboxing, training to be a cage fighter, and could kill a nigga with both hands tied behind her back, no legs, and blindfolded. Of course the last two were just speculation but with the way she rolled, Ain didn't doubt the story's credibility.

Erina's smile stretched and since he figured that that was his cue to laugh, he did. Miss Caty's scoff rang in his ears, and he swore Erina giggled.

"Boy! Why are you laughing?!" Miss Caty roared, angrily.

"Uh…" Ain stalled. "I was laughing at how…incomparable your beauty is to Erina's." He wasn't sure if that made sense but he was hoping that that the leech would be stupid enough to buy it. Sure enough…

Miss Caty beamed while the daughter's orange eyes glittered. Her face never lost its smile. "I know, right! I swear god musta used the middle finger to mess her up when she was born."Again, Erina's eyes glittered, but, if possible, her smile was even brighter. Ain realized that it was creepy to know that she was mad and yet watch as she continued to look like she won a million bucks worth of Taco Bell.

Ain laughed nervously. He knew what Miss Caty wanted him to do-and he would do it of course- but he really wanted to get with her daughter and his chances were skidding by him as he kept his size 18 foot in his mouth. The smart thing to do would be to laugh and be out.

He was an idiot.

"I bet. She so ugly, they used to dip her head in batter to make animal crackers. They only stopped when the government deemed her face toxic."

The look in Erina's eyes was deadly. Her smile stayed in place even as she showed her canines. Ain should have been worried that any chance with her was down the toilet and up the river, but he was pretty sure she would laugh and everything would be all good when he explained his side of the story. She was smart so she probably already saw through his ruse and was ready to hug him for his bravery and commitment.

Miss Caty cackled like a hyena. "Boy, you funny." She looked at her Baby Fat watch (yes, it was a knock off) and looked up to glare at Erina. "Stupid heffa done made me late fa my boo."

"Sorry ma'am." Erina's smile was sarcastic with her eyes a little too bright.

Miss Caty growled. Literally. A rumble came from her throat and Ain felt his body twitch in fear. He stepped back. Suddenly she smiled. "That's aiight. I got you baishun-fu. Ain, baby, can you take ha home? I gotta be somewhere."

Ain winced inwardly. "Yeah, fa sho."

"Bye Kuwa." She said and turned away, swaying her meaty and jiggling hips.

Ain threw up in his mouth a little and turned to face Erina. She was on her phone, talking in a low voice. When she hung up, her noticed that her smile had turned into a straight line that was near a frown. He imagined that she was kind of mad but if he-

"Hey. I'm s-" He began.

"Shut up." She said, a slight smile on her face.

He smiled knowingly and shook his head happily. "You know-"

Her eyes glinted dangerously. "Dude, I said shut up. I don't want to hear it or you. Shoot, I don't even want to see you so poof." She waved her hands in front of his face and he watched in amazement as she jogged down the street and climbed into a midnight blue Beamer.

"Dag. I ain't know she had guap like that." He shook his head and went to his old busted up ride.