A maniacal laugh echoed in the thick air.

It rebounded off the walls, entering into Chris Tess's ears even as he rushed down a hallway and into a room yards away. But, the malevolency colored in that laugh was the last thing on the boy's mind.

Blood streamed from the fresh cuts on his hands and chest.

"Why?" was all the boy could manage to squeak out as he stumbled down the corridor, legs trembling underneath him.

"Chris, you are as good as dead."

An ebony shadow manifested in front of Chris in a matter of seconds. The boy stopped, spinning around to escape the horrid clutches of the stalking creature. He was too slow, far too slow.

A chuckle bubbled in the shadow's throat.

Walls of blood spewed from Chris's abdomen, blanketing the white door in front of him in a coat of scarlet.

A scream escaped the depths of his throat. The cream-colored carpet was now a bright crimson color, drenched with all of his blood. Lumps of his organs spilled out of his ripped-open abdomen, nothing but a cave where his flesh used to be. It was a horrid sight for normal eyes to see, but this monster chasing him was nothing but normal. He licked his lips and grinned at the sight of the boy's mangled body, tearing his claw out of his stomach.

With a loud thump, Chris fell to the ground in a heap of blood, tears, and ripped flesh.

"Please!" He yelled, his eyes dulling, "Don't kill me! Please!"

"Don't cry, Chris," The man said with a sadistic smile slipping up his face, "I'll rid you of your pain."

Chris's eyes flashed open. He looked up, tears trickling down his cheek, "Please, no. Let me live, please!"

The monster cracked his wrists in response. He stepped into the moonlight, sharp teeth glistening. The dying boy gasped. Black goo slithered up the man's arms, coiling around and around like a cluster of ebony snakes. They were alive. But, that wasn't the only thing that took Chris's breath away. It was the killer himself, which shocked him. Snow-white hair fell over the man's face, hiding his piercing eyes that would send a shiver down anybody's spine, no matter how tough they were.


"Why do you wish to live? Your life is meaningless," The man reasoned, taking another step forward.

Chris did nothing. He just lay there, letting his life slip past his trembling fingers. It was pointless now, everything was.

The killer raised his hand, eyes alive with the lust for blood. He couldn't wait. He was giddy with excitement to see the blanket of blood spill and stain the walls, to watch as the boy's eyes rolled back into oblivion.

It made him feel alive.

The Devil.

Chris inhaled his last breath.

"Farewell," The man said, a smirk slipping up his faith.

The man shot his hand forward.

It pierced Chris's chest, tearing it to shreds. A wave of blood spewed from his heart as it was ripped apart into a lump of bloody bits. The boy opened his mouth to holler, but it was too late. His body went limp. His head fell back, not a spark of life left in them. Blood surged from his chest, drenching the floor even more. The killer withdrew his hand from the dead boy. The black goo was smothered with blood, as was the his face and clothes.

He laughed. "Skylar, you really could not kill such a weak boy?" He spun around. Sitting on the opposite side of the room was a red-headed child. He looked up, eyes wide with fear. The killer chuckled at his silence. It was so amusing to him, how feeble the child was.

He lifted his hand, letting the blood run down his wrist, "He just sat there, crying his eyes out, and you couldn't kill him?"

"I'm sorry," Skylar murmured as the killer walked towards him.

"You'resorry? Oh, don't apologize." He drew back his foot, "Just kill the damn kid next time!" He blasted his foot into Skylar's stomach. Skylar cried out from the pain, wincing as he crashed into the wall behind him. Small drops of blood flew from his mouth, spotting the splintered floorboards in front of him.

"I'm sorry, Alocer…" he muttered, clutching onto his stomach.

The man, Alocer, frowned. He crouched down, gently grabbing Skylar by his chin. Skylar averted his gaze, but soon his eyes drifted towards Alocer's pale face. His eyes were burning a hole into his head, as if the flames of Hell shot directly from them. "Do notfail me, Skylar, or you will have the same fate as Chris." Alocer smiled. Satisfied, he stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Skylar alone with his thoughts.

Skylar lied there in the chilling silence. The only sound was the howling wind raging on outside. Then, it stopped, and there was utter silence.

What am I going to do? I have no where else to go...





Skylar's eyes widened. The dripping...he knew where it was coming from.

Don't look, Skylar. Don't look.

He did.

The corpse laid only a few feet away, a lump against the rising darkness. Skylar cringed. Chris' eyes were still open, staring directly at him; a plea for help, left unfulfilled. Blood gushed out of his body, his chest ripped apart. Skylar didn't want to look at it anymore, but his eyes wouldn't leave the hole in the center of the boy's chest. It was so deep, so torn, that Skylar could see the other side of the room as he stared into it. He finally looked away, his whole body trembling.

God, please help me.

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