There are times I will always remember
There are times I wish I could forget
There are times I wish lasted forever
There are times I were glad had to end
You are the one that holds my mind
You are the one that holds my heart
You are the one that I gave them too
You are the one that cares for them best
All has not been so easy
A long twisted and winding road
Loving you has been like sailing the ocean
Lost upon the Tides of Fate, the Sea of Souls
An endless voyage, the greatest journey
Withstanding the gentlest of breezes, the fiercest of storms
And yet this ship has yet to port
There has been joy and sadness
There has been happiness and heartache
There has been revelation and disclosure
But I wouldn't change one second of it
I have savored each and every feeling
Regardless of how it may have tasted
The bitterest elixir, the sweetest poison
All I have explored because of you
Fate brought us together and we shall never part
For everything has a purpose
And all happens for a reason
Memories remain after all else is gone
These memories I will always remember
These memories I do not wish to forget
These memories I wish will last forever
These memories I never want to end
Forever and Always, To the End
I shall love you as I always have.