You've stabbed me in the back
You've shot me in the foot
You've broken my heart
You've lied to me
You've given me excuses
You've walked away
And yet through all this pain
Through all these lies
Through all THIS...
I've forgiven you.
Some ask me why I have
Even you do from time to time
Some say it's because I'm crazy
Even you do from time to time
Some say it's because I love you
And you know that's the reason
Why must you ask for my forgiveness?
Isn't just even communicating with you enough?
Is it stupidity or is it true love?
Some see one, some choose the other
I say it's the latter
Unconditional love for you
Never to be broken
How could it be?
I've gone through so much
On just the HOPE of being with you
By your side, in your embrace
Never to have you, never own you
But to be WITH you
You are your own
Your choices are yours
And I will never stop that
I will always be waiting here for you
As horrible as that may sound to others
Because I know you are worth it
And I'm willing to wait
Because I love you
Forever and Always