[Scene VI. Outside the city.]

Areos, Iason, and Giovanni are nearing the temple.

Giovanni: We have searched all, and still we have no sign.

Areos: Mayhap in our world she no longer can be. Mayhap now her soul is free.

They hear strange sounds from the temple.

Giovanni: What was that?

Iason: I know not.

They listen, and the sounds change to screams.

Giovanni: gasp 'Tis my sister! She lives!

They turn to the temple.

Iason: 'Tis more than just her.

He looks to the sky.

Iason: Midnight comes! Not much time is left till the rite begins!

They run toward the temple.

Areos: Hold!

The others turn back, staring at him.

Giovanni: Art thou mad? We have not the time to wait!

They hear more screams, louder this time.

Areos: Do you not hear?

They listen, hearing also dark laughter.

Areos: The rite hath already begun. We must be shrewd if we are to stop them.

He draws a blade.

Areos (quietly): Follow.

They slowly approach, and stop at the wall. Bright flashes come from within.

Iason (aside): Oh, my lady!

Areos risks a glance back. A blade flies, heading for Giovanni.

Areos: No!

He leaps in front of her, and the knife enters his stomach.

Giovanni: Areos!

She kneels beside him, taking his head in her lap.

Giovanni (tearful): Thou art a madman.

Areos (faintly): I swore to protect thee, no matter the cost.

He faints. She bows her head.

Iason takes the sword from his hand.

Iason (angrily): Stay with him. I must go forward alone.

Giovanni: Kwan, thou art bitter, I know, but thou must-

He turns away, not willing to listen.

Iason: In truth, I should kill thee, since thou hast taken part, but I will not wound my lady.

She nods, again bowing her head. He enters the temple without another word.