Title: Alex's Story – In Our Monologues

Author: Seran Perry

Summary: One random day, Alex arrives at Gabrielle's house. One seemingly harmless act, but throws everyone's lives into chaos.

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Disclaimer: This is my story, with my original characters. I have no disclaimer to make.

Author's Notes: This is more of an experiment for me. I decided to try and write using the inner monologues of the characters that Alex interacts with. It got a bit confusing at times. But I think I got it. Enjoy!

Dedications: This is for all of those who know the people in my head, and for those who want to get to know them ;)

Chapter 1 – Gabrielle's Monologue

Why does the doorbell have to ring whenever I'm trying to do something important? "Can someone answer the door?" It's pointless. No one else is going to get off their arses and get the door. They never do. Good God! I'm their mum, their social worker, their counsellor, and their maid too now! Heh, if they think I'm going to cook for them tonight as well then they can fuck off… Daniel can do it, he's getting really great at it lately. Fuck, wait, what was I doing… it was something important… Jezebel's sitting in front of me, across the table, why- oh yeah! I was telling her off!

Look at her with her long red hair – which I swear to God can't be her real hair colour, I don't care how many times she insists it is, and how many times I don't find any evidence of hair dye – and cute innocent smile as if she's done nothing wrong. These kids don't understand what I'm trying to do for the, Christ, you take them in, tell them to tell no-one else about this place, and what do you get for it? They tell about this place, and TWO kids turn up! God knows how many actually know what I'm doing.

"You still haven't answered my question, Jezebel."

I mean, I could lose my job if social services, my BOSSES, find out what I'm doing. How long… how many… eight nine, yeah, nine years, 15 kids? Now I have four kids and Daniel living with me and as far as my bosses are concerned, they're all still living with their wonderful doting families! Except Jezebel but she's a wayside. But why do they still think that? Because his family assessment said that just because his mum is a drug addict and alcoholic, she's not a bad mother! Because the assessment said that just because his parents force fed him alcohol every day before and after school, he's going to be worse off without them! Because it said that just because her brother makes inappropriate comments and watches her when she undresses, he's not actually going to do anything about it! My Bosses piss me off so fucking much.

"Well I kind of did answer…"

No she fucking didn't. Where was I, oh yeah! The fucking social- my Bosses! One of my kids eventually got kicked out of home, so I took him in, Jez I found, and Daniel, the only other adult in this house I took in when he was 13, and his parents didn't even notice! He's 21 now and they still haven't noticed! Fucking insane, the only reason why I'm still a fucking social worker is to pick up these kids! My Bosses won't help, someone has to! I can't be the only one doing this… Focus, Gabrielle! Focus. You're telling Jezebel off for bringing in your fourth kid who you're desperate to get rid of.

"No you didn't, Jez, and please look at me, I hate it when people don't look at me."

Oh and she's still not looking at me – don't you dare reach for that tea when you're in trouble – that is MY tea. Would that doorbell please stop ringing?

"Someone answer the door!"

"I'll get it-"

"You stay where you are, give me back my tea." You're not actually going to drink that now she's had a mouthful are you, Gabrielle? You don't know where she's been!

Oh, and now they're yelling at each other.

"Amy, will you get the door?" That'd be Daniel, then.

"David… Can you get the door?" Jez's friend Amy who I wish would just leave.

"Jez, go see who's at the door will you?" And once more, David is stoned. I should really stop letting him smoke that stuff in the house, really. Daniel can't be happy about it.

"See? I should get it."


Right, now ignore that thing she does when she pretends she's listening. But if you ignore it then you can't make her liste- Focus! "Now look… I don't know why you insist on bringing people home, on a regular basis-"

"It was only two!"

"Two too many! You're risking our security by telling people about us! They could tell people who could tell people, and soon everyone will know!"

Oh yeah, that got your attention, didn't it?

"If my Boss finds out that not only did I take some of you away from home, but you're also living with me, then I go to jail and this all ends."

"But you've been to prison before and we were fine-"

"you're missing the point, Jezebel," lets side step that point in my life, "the police didn't know about you then, it had nothing to do with you, this time it will be because of you and they will take you away from here."

Oh, now you're scared. I can see it in your face. You don't like the thought of living rough again do you, sweetheart?

"So, for the love of God, stop bringing people home!"

Well, she looks sorry… "You will need to tell her to go home-"

"What?" Now run to the door before she asks you anything else.

"Okay, I'm coming, stop ringing the bell-"

Whothefuck is this kid?

"Gabrielle! Thank God, Jesus – fuck – Gareth's escaped!"

Who da what now? Who's Gareth? Why does this kid kno- ooh…

"Alex? Sweetie, you look – what happened?"

"I just spent the last few days trying to find you, I haven't eaten or slept – Gareth's escaped! He's out of prison and he's going to try and find me!"

What's so bad about him finding him? I didn't even know Gareth was in prison, they were still living with their grandparents when we moved and Gareth got a new social worker… Why's Alex scared – whathe – oh great, now he's fainted.

"Jez, give me a hand would you?!"

Come on woman, you're only in the kitchen, get your arse out here, and don't look at me like that.

"Who's this?"

"Some kid, come on, lets bring him inside."

Christ he's heavy for someone who hasn't eaten for days. Wait, was it a few days in a row? Maybe it was a few days spread over a week. Oh, yeah, focussing on that is what you should be doing, isn't it, Gabrielle? Stop being a logic loser and get him on the sofa like the bad little social worker you clearly are. Fuck, what do I do with him… I could call his mum, I'm sure I still have their number somewhere. No, you need to get the story from him first. Umm.. I could get him some tea… he looks alive, he'll probably wake up-

"Gaby, who's the kid?" I forgot she was still standing there.

"He's Alex, I used to be his brother's social worker."

"But you're not anymore?" You noticed?

"No, this was a fair few years ago."

"So why's this Alex here?"

"His brother's escaped from prison, I guess? That's all he said anyway."

What, no more questions? I should have said that out loud. The moments passed now. Damnit. I wonder what Gareth did to make Alex have to come and find me. And how did he get my address? I didn't tell anyone we were moving, not even work, let alone where to. Shit…

Oh don't pull that face! See, now Jezebel's trying to read my thoughts. She's thinking, why did this kid have our address. I bet she is.

"So what does that mean for us?"

Good Question.

"I'm not sure," what to do… no, lets sort Alex, "Don't worry about it for now, lets just get Alex sorted out, then we can ask him what's going on. Go and make him a cup of tea, okay? Oh! And bring biscuits!" She's gone…

I tell you, brain, it's hard keeping up the nice and sane when the weirdness of a situation wants to drive me insane. Okay, Alex… Lessee, you have a bag, good start… Wonder what he has in there. No, don't look, you twat, that's his. It's not like you'll find anything useful in there… Well, actually you might. Nah, just leave it. But, no, it's might have something about Gareth, But then he'll tell me when he wakes up, but then it might be too late. This isn't a fucking detective program, what's he going to have in there that could give any indication of what Gareth did to make him so scared? What? He's going to have evidence in there? I don't think so- oh tea! Umm… tea.

"I thought that was for Alex?"

"He's unconscious, he won't notice."

Right, brain, are we ready to stop arguing with each other and just work towards the greater good of me – I mean Alex! Yes Alex. We ready? Good.

"Alex, love?" Shake him, no that ain't working. He's breathing… kick him. No, that might be too cruel. Hit him?

"Is he dead?"

"No, he's breathing I think, I can't really tell from here," where'd Daniel come from? "So Jezebel the pixie-child, who's this? One of yours again?"

"Leave it, I've never seen him before. He's Alex, his brother's escaped from prison so he came to find Gaby."

"How does he know mum?"

"She was his brother's social worker."

"Grth?" What did Daniel say?


"What? I didn't say anything."

I can hear them. Maybe I should teach my kids the art of being discreet at some point. I could have sworn Daniel did say something just then though… "If the two of you aren't going to do anything useful then go away. Go get dinner ready or something – Dan, you're in charge." I'm hungry now. Um… maybe I should hit him.

"In charge again, but mum-"

"You're 21, stop whining and go cook."

"Can we have chips?"


Right, that's them gone. Okay, hit him, you can always deny it later – hey it worked!


"Alex," Oh he was about to swear, cheeky fucker. He so does not look well. Umm, maybe it was a few days straight. Seriously Gabrielle, what is wrong with you?

"Alex, what's going on?"

"I… already told you… Gareth's escaped… he's going to try and find me… He'll kill me…"

Kill him? What the fuck? "Why do you think he's going to kill you, sweetheart." I must be the only person who can keep calm with that kind of news. But I remember Gareth being nice, sure he had his problems, and he did beat a kid up, but who wouldn't after being bullied like he was? Even so, Gareth wouldn't do something like that unless Alex did something to him, I bet he did.

"Cause I shopped him… in… I… lied to him… I said we'd always be… together. I lied. He's… he's…"

Unconscious is what he is. Oh for fucks sake, not going to get anywhere like this. So what has he told me. Alex shopped Gareth to the police, now he's escaped, and he's going to kill Alex for lying. Wonder what it his he even did… Wait, not the right focus, Gabrielle… Oh my Good God you suck, you should not be a social worker! Well if social services have their way I won't be. Well, if they find out. Okay! Stop thinking about that, stay focused:

Gareth, what threat is he?

If Alex came here, knowing where to find me, despite looking for days, he must have had an address somehow. Who did he know… I never introduced them to any of the kids I had at the time. Not even Daniel, and Daniel's at least 4 years older than them, so he wouldn't have known them from school really. But he would have gotten this address from somewhere… I've never given this address out, not even to people I work with. I always give work my friend's address. Someone has my address, and has given it to Alex. It can't be his parents, or his grandparents… And if Alex managed to get hold of it, Gareth could too. Which means he could find him. And if he could kill Alex, he could do something to the rest of my kids…

Whether Alex stays or not, Gareth will come here.

Oh Shit…

We have to move.