I remember when first we met

You were so bright and shimmering

I knew not what to do

As days turned to weeks and months to years

Over high Aeolian Mount you made my sprit soar

When my world was dark you were a shimmering light

Dante had Beatrice

Shakespeare had his shadowed lady

And in you I found my muse

In you my art found reason

In you my art had meaning

In you I had inspiration

Alas, your heart belongs to another

But I don't blame you my dear

Why wouldn't you pick him?

So much more dashing than I

So much more savvy of human culture than I

So much that I am not

So here I stand

Cured to love but never be love

To walk the earth as a mortal immortal

Often lie awake at night nigh and cry

In my sorrow I weep "Oh what could have been had I only been stronger!"

How many more shall I love only to have my heart shattered?

For so long my life was like a dream

But dreams don't last forever

Eventually we all must wake up