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Four couples, all their names beginning with an 'S'.

Each is connected some how, and this is their stories.

Lets start with Scarlet Kane and Shane Gray.

Scarlet just turned eighteen, with her long strawberry blond hair and her piercing ice blue eyes, every guy she passes drops their mouth in awe.

Shane is also eighteen, he is, and was known as the most popular guy in school, and not just for his looks, besides having dreamy dark brown, almost black shaggy, yet stylish hair and emerald green eyes, he was also quite smart.

The two have been together for two years.

Scarlet has one younger sister, Samantha whose sixteen, she hates being called 'Samantha' so everyone, if they like their lives call her Sam or Sami.

She looks almost identical to her older sister, the only difference is her hair is darker and more brown.

Sean Michaels is Sami's boyfriend of a year and a half, he just turned seventeen, and he's also Shane's cousin.

Sean's cousin, Scott Mitchells is the boyfriend of Sara Claymore, Sara has known Scarlet since they were kids when they played house in her back yard.

Sara also has a brother, Skyler Claymore, who has his own band. He's twenty, as of Halloween.

Skyler's girlfriend, Sophie Nicholson happens to be Shane's older sister.

On her twenty-first birthday, her parents who raised her in New York City, told her she was adopted.

After that was cleared, Skyler who had flown to California a week earlier to get an apartment came back to New York to pick Sophie up and fly back to California, where they would live together.

So join me, on this adventitious journey, of these eight uniquely connected people, and find out what happens with all of them within a years time.